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This article was printed as a letter in issue 1 of 'Man In Black,' spring 1996.

"If E.T. didn't come to Elliott, he would have come to Michael's house. Michael is one of the last living innocents who is in complete control of his life. I've never seen anybody like Michael. He's an emotional star child." Steven Spielberg

Michael Jackson: Starchild

Consider the following Statements of Possibility:

Is Michael Jackson (1) An extraterrestrial with a mission on Planet Earth.
(2) A human whose life has been influenced substantially by alien life-forms.
(3) Merely a "very talented" human being with a "weird" lifestyle.

What do you think? Perhaps none of these statements is factually correct. If so, then what is the truth about the enigma that is Michael Jackson. This article aims to provide a few snippets of information, which, when taken together suggest that the first two statements listed above might contain elements of truth.

Michael Jackson was born on August 29th 1958 in Gary, Indiana, USA. In adulthood he would speak of his love of Steven Spielberg's film "E.T." Another of Spielberg's most popular films "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" began in Gary, Indiana, where Michael Jackson was born and grew up. Was this just coincidence? Or, perhaps part of a plan or destiny that is evolving on this planet (The Jacksons released a single and LP in 1978 entitled "Destiny").

Around the beginning of 1980, Michael Jackson was asked during an interview with music journalist Vivien Goldman whether he thought it was possible to appreciate escapism a little too much. The answer given deserves to be extensively quoted here, as it could be seen to be very revealing in connection with our original statements of possibility:

"No, I don't. There's a reason why God made the sunset red or purple or green. It's beautiful to look at - it's a minute of joy. There's a reason why we see rainbows after a rain, or forest where the deer come out. That's wonder, that's escapism - it touches your heart, and there's no danger in that. Escapism and wonder is influence. It makes you feel good, and that allows you to do things. You just keep on moving ahead, and go say, "God, this is wonderful - do I appreciate it." Like when I'm 40,000 feet in the air in a jumbo jet at night and it's dawn. Everybody on the plane is asleep, and there I am in the cockpit with the pilots because they let me come up there with them and -ooooh, it's just incredible seeing a sunrise and being there with it. I've seen illusions in the air that man has never seen. We went over the North Pole and it was total dark, and you saw these big icebergs that were glowing in the night. And then I looked far out into the sky and saw purple, green and blue crystals sparkling and turning in the air. I said, what is that? And the pilot said he didn't know, they'd only seen that once before. I said My God, I'll never forget this." Michael continued to describe the sense of wonder he'd experienced when flying; and he made a comparison between being the pilot of an aircraft and being a performer on stage in front of 40,000 people: "..Nothing can harm me when I'm on stage - nothing. That's really me. That's what I'm here to do."

Two years later, "Thriller" - one of the most successful records of all time was released. The title song, with its memorable accompanying video, related Michael's fears of "ghouls", "demons", "creature/s", "the alien" that come/s out looking for him "close to midnight." It's not hard to see a connection here with alien abductions - after all, Michael even uses the word "alien" at one point in the song. The big question is: Does the "alien" encounter theme of the song have any basis in Michael Jackson's real-life experience?

Whether Michael has actually come into contact with or been influenced by aliens, or not, it certainly seems that he is very interested in being contacted by them. The New York Post issue dated June 7th 1990, included an article in which it was revealed that "..the star has scouts checking out Nevada real estate on which to build a UFO landing site." Michael Luckman of the New York Center for UFO Research claimed later that he knew an "inside source" who had confirmed the tale, adding that the site sought by Jackson would eventually be equipped with devices to attract UFOs. Luckman himself commented: "Many rock stars have had UFO contacts and/or believe in UFOs. I'd like to get Jackson to expand his efforts - perhaps perform at a Concert For The Stars."

Luckman's faith in Michael Jackson's ability to play a significant role in establishing contact with aliens and in spreading awareness, apparently received an extraordinary confirmation of its appropriateness on July 31st 1992, when Jackson was performing live in concert at Wembley Stadium in London. Information about an unscheduled addition to the show that night was given in a letter printed in Flying Saucer Review, Spring 1994, sent by a John L.Clarke. According to Mr.Clarke, a retired Flying Officer and Police Officer, he had interviewed a woman called Yvonne, who told him about an incident that had occurred during the concert by Michael Jackson, when she'd seen a number of spectators turn their backs on the stage to stare up into the sky. She and her husband did the same, and saw a "plasma"/"jellyfish" type of luminous object hovering above the stadium roof. The object gave Yvonne "an overwhelming feeling of well-being" and she cried when it slowly moved out of view. Yvonne and her husband questioned security officers at the stadium, who had also seen the UFO, which was definitely not a normal part of Michael Jackson's show!

So, what can we conclude from this miscellany of otherworldly Michael Jackson information?

We know that Michael loves the film "E.T.", and that he feels he has a mission to sing and to perform: he feels that this is what he is here to do - in one interview he's said that he's one of God's messengers.

In the 1980 interview, he compared his role as performer with the role of the pilot flying an aircraft, having just described some of the strange and wonderful phenomena he'd observed when flying at night.

In song, Michael has sung of an "alien" creature coming out at night looking for him; and in concert a UFO has, on at least one occasion, stopped by - visible to members of the audience.

He has a flying saucer ride on his 'Neverland' ranch, and is said to have been interested in building a "UFO Landing Site."

The plastic surgery Michael has had, when combined with the make-up and clothing he wears, some would say makes him look at times rather like an alien; photographs of him lying in an oxygen chamber have also contributed to the impression that many people have given voice to: the opinion that Michael Jackson is weird ("wacko Jacko"), or even, not quite a regular human being.

Yes, the enigma that is the pop star Michael Jackson definitely includes otherworldly components that cannot be easily dismissed by sensitive, informed minds. If, as I suspect, the second of my original statements of possibility is correct, then, given the great popularity and influence of Michael Jackson in our world, those otherworldly elements in his life and work should be taken as signs that there is an urgent need for serious, dedicated investigation by people well-informed about UFO/Alien phenomena into this hugely popular cultural phenomenon that we have been considering - this phenomenon known to hundreds of millions as Michael Jackson.


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