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Cliff Richard And Gary Glitter...

How well do they know each other?


Richard Loring is a long-time friend of Cliff Richard.

Rolf Harris, Cliff Richard and Jimmy Savile were three of the most prominent celebrities involved with the charity Phab. Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard were/are friends working together on multiple occasions.

Tim Rice became closely acquainted with Cliff Richard in the 1960s. As far as I know, they are still friends.

George Tremlett wrote biographies of pop stars - most published during the 1970s. This century, his name was revealed to be found on the ‘Elm Guest House List’, as were Cliff Richard and (his friend) Jess Conrad.

Ed Stewart was the President of the charity Phab and knew Cliff Richard (and Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris).

Mike Read is a close friend of Cliff Richard and Tim Rice. He attended Jimmy Savile’s funeral.

Gary Glitter was known as Paul Raven during the 1960s (his birth name was Paul Gadd).


February 26th

In Church Times, both Cliff Richard and Paul Raven are pictured and named as visitors to the Eton Mission at Hackney Wick, London.


Paul Raven joins Mike Leander Show Band. The musical relationship between Paul Raven (Gary Glitter) and Mike Leander continues after this group disbands.


May 7th
The New Musical Express Poll-Winners All-Stars Concert takes place at Empire Pool, Wembley. The acts, introduced by Simon Dee and Jimmy Savile, include Cliff Richard, who is accompanied by the Mike Leander Orchestra.


March 21st

An advert for Noel Gay Artists includes the names Richard Loring and Paul Raven.

May 12th

New Musical Express Poll-Winners All-Stars Concert takes place at Empire Pool, Wembley. Cliff Richard; Jimmy Savile and The Shadows are among the acts appearing. For the second year in a row, Cliff Richard is accompanied by the Mike Leander Orchestra.


May 11th

At the Sun Television Awards, Freddie Starr ‘..sings Twistin' the Night Away and performs stand up comedy and impressions of Jimmy Savile, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, and Mick Jagger… Pete Murray (presenter).. announces the award for the top male personality, the award is presented by Diana Dors (who is on crutches) to Michael Parkinson. Pete introduces the award for the top pop act, this is presented by Gary Glitter to The New Seekers - they are not present but the award is received on their behalf by Keith Potger. Pete introduces the award for top female personality, the award is presented by Rolf Harris to Cilla Black (includes clips of Cilla interviewing members of the public about European food)…’


November 22nd

Cliff Richard performs ‘Take Me High’ as a new release on Top of The Pops, on an edition presented by Jimmy Savile. Gary Glitter is at number 1 this week, and follows Cliff as the last act on the show.


November 1st

‘The Gary Glitter Story’ by George Tremlett is published.


South African production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ features Richard Loring as the Narrator. 

September 12th

‘The Cliff Richard Story’ by George Tremlett is published.


November 22nd

BBC1 Children In Need includes, among many others, Cliff Richard and Gary Glitter.


April 15th

At Marty Wilde’s 50th Birthday Party (in Hertfordshire), he gets up and sings ‘..loads of the old rock 'n' roll songs with various members of The Shadows, Tim Rice, Gary Glitter.’

Mrs. Wilde, their daughter Kim and Gary Glitter provide backing vocals for Marty.



January 1st
Tim Rice makes an appearance on Gary Glitter's 'This Is Your Life'.
Gary Glitter had sung one of the parts on the 1970 album release of Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Jesus Christ Superstar' rock musical. At that time he was still known as Paul Raven.


November 25th
Ed Stewart, Mike Read and Tony Blackburn take part in a Gary Glitter tribute on BBC TV during the Children In Need telethon.


December 24th
Channel 4's The Big Breakfast has as guests:
Gary Glitter, Cliff Richard (interviewed) and Neil Sedaka.


November 12th
‘Pop star Gary Glitter has been jailed for four months after admitting to a collection of 4,000 hardcore photographs of children being abused.

The admission comes just hours after the rock idol was cleared of eight counts of sexually assaulting a teenage fan nearly 20 years ago.

Solicitor Henri Brandman said Glitter would appeal against the sentence. He will be placed on the sex offenders register.

Reappearing at Bristol Crown Court, Glitter admitted 54 offences of downloading porn from the Internet dating between 3 January 1997 and 18 November 1997.

He replied "guilty" in a strong, clear voice after the first count was put to him and his voice became less clear with each subsequent charge.

The judge, Mr Justice Butterfield, described the pictures in Glitter's vast library as "filthy and revolting" and of the "worst possible type"….’



October 17th

‘So, Cliff Richard says he would consider ‘Youth in Asia’…has he learnt nothing from what happened to Gary Glitter? #doyouseewhatididthere’

David Nash @BrimfulofNasha


October 28th

Gary Glitter, former singer (real name Paul Gadd), is arrested over allegations of sexual offences dating back to 1977, as part of Operation Yewtree.


September 12th

‘Just Googled Rolf Harris and it suggests I also look up Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and Cliff Richard. Cliff must be a kiddy fiddler’

Miles @Miles_Tarbox


February 4th

‘My lunch companion’s opening gambit: “Did I ever tell you my Cliff Richard/ Gary Glitter story?” Er, no, but go on…’

Kevin O’Sullivan @TVKev
August 14th

‘Sir Cliff Richard's Berkshire property searched by police

No arrests have been made and Sir Cliff, 73, who is abroad, said the allegation was "completely false".

Police said the allegation involved a boy under 16.

The BBC understands it relates to an alleged sexual assault at a 1985 event where US preacher Billy Graham appeared at Bramall Lane, Sheffield.
The allegation is believed to have been reported to police recently.

The search in Sunningdale was carried out by South Yorkshire Police, which told the BBC it did not force entry to the property….’


‘Used to always get Gary Glitter & #cliffrichard mixed up, seems like there as similar as I’ve always thought!’

Helen @helenjanexx

‘Rolf Harris - Two little boys, Cliff Richard - The young ones, Gary Glitter - Do you wanna be in my gang. I’m seeing a pattern here anyone else.’

Darren @DARRENTX11

‘The BBC sez Sir Cliff Richard’s Berkshire property has been searched by police. Looking for Gary Glitter’s address?’

Joe Kohut @HerbLuscious

‘He couldn’t have done the things he’s been accused of because that night he was with Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter & Jimmy Saville #cliffrichard’

Seasick Steve @stevie28wonder

‘I don’t mean to cast aspersions until the facts are known, but Cliff Richard lived with Gary Glitter in the 60s. Just saying’

Conor @ConorMcGrace

August 15th

‘More people have come forward with information after Sir Cliff Richard's home was searched over an allegation of child sex abuse.

The singer's Berkshire penthouse was scoured for five hours yesterday by officers from South Yorkshire and Thames Valley Police as part of an investigation into an alleged sexual assault on a young boy at a religious event in 1985.

Sir Cliff, who was away in Portugal when the search took place, firmly denied any wrongdoing and hit out at the fact BBC journalists were apparently tipped off about the plan.
The broadcaster's head of newsgathering Jonathan Munro said today the information did not come from South Yorkshire Police.

In a statement, the force said: "When a media outlet contacted South Yorkshire Police with information about an investigation, we took the decision to work with them in order to protect the integrity of that investigation.

"Since the search took place a number of people have contacted the police to provide information and we must acknowledge that the media played a part in that, for which we are grateful." ’


October 31st

‘@ciabaudo @DailyMirror I heard, that many years ago cliff richard used to spend alot of time with gary glitter in Barbados’

(((H))) @trinitymandalay


February 27th

‘Good to see Gary glitter finally behind bars now go get cliff Richard’

Charl @fishy parrot
‘#CliffRichard Kitty planning a long holiday to Barbados for 16 years. Very upset about his pal #Glitter’

john collings @qeensdale

December 4th

‘cliff richard has millions of fans who say, cliff is not child sex abuser gary glitter had millions of fans suppose he isnt a child abuser?’

james reeves @reeves3915

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Can Flying Saucers Fall?

There have been numerous cases of people contacting UFO researchers, or otherwise making their concerns known regarding military events pertaining to unidentified aircraft from elsewhere falling calamitously to the ground.

Publications by Leonard Stringfield; Kevin Randle, and Ryan S. Wood - among others - bear testimony to just how many of these reported 'crash' cases there are.

Some people limit their attention to only one such event, commonly referred to as 'Roswell'. And, self-styled 'sceptics' infer within weasel words that 'Roswell' is already explained, or is a 'myth'. These committed naysayers tend to adopt the 'contain and explain' [CONEX] strategy - acted out along the lines of... "If the potential of alien reality can be limited to just certain cases, we can explain away these cases one by one, then convince the ignorant public that we have explained away everything. If 'Roswell' is by far the most prominent case, then by explaining away this behemoth, we will remove the 'UFO believers' best card and be well on our way to winning the game"....

CONEX have (seemingly) never seen anything utterly extraordinary in the sky. They start from a position of personal ignorance. We might hope that such ignorant people would be inclined to be modest and curious towards those of us who have witnessed 'UFOs'. Yet, this bunch of characters have no humility in regard to this subject. They do not recognise their personal ignorance; but, rather, prefer to see and portray themselves as being in a position of moral and intellectual superiority to the thousands of us who have really seen the unearthly phenomena. CONEX operate disrespectfully and with divisive intentions, yet wear a mask of superior humanity and intellect.

Among the arguments put forward on 'UFO crashes' is the claim that aliens, with far more advanced technology, would not fly over this planet in craft ('flying saucers' / 'spacecraft') that could fall to Earth.

It seems unlikely to me that any of those who make this sort of statement have ever seen a 'UFO' moving extremely fast, erratically around a limited a portion of the sky. Or, seen a 'UFO' zig-zagging at high speed, in an obviously intelligently-directed flight path, maintaining the same range of altitude as it does so, just above the rooftops of houses in the centre of a major city. 

The basic characteristics of my own sightings of that type are found in hundreds of other UFO reports from around the world. The vast conceit of the insidious CONEX faction is to tell us - the thousands of witnesses to extremely fast erratic and zig-zagging, intelligently-directed UFO flights - that they, CONEX, know better than we, the people who were there when the events proceeded, what was seen. I, for one, assert the basic truth that I KNOW BETTER THAN CONEX WHAT I SAW - THERE IS NO WAY FOR JOHNNY-COME-LATELY THEORISTS TO EXPLAIN IT AWAY. 

Reports of UFOs moving very fast downwards (towards the ground) many times compare the type of movement seen to a falling leaf. Some of these reports assert that the observers thought the object or craft (or whatever it was) looked like it was in trouble. In these cases (perhaps, quite rare), the viewers would have been in little doubt that the UFO they watched was in some sort of danger of falling to the ground.

Up to now, I've not made a special point of collecting the (possibly) few reports, which are within this narrow category; but, recently, reading 'UFOs Over Romania' by Dan D. Farcas, Ph.D., I came upon a very good example. To anyone with an open mind who wonders whether an alien craft could get into trouble and come down to Earth, I recommend reading the account of a 1980 sighting, with about 20 witnesses that is documented on pages 191-193 of the book.

I'll end this post with an excerpt from page 191 of 'UFOs Over Romania':

'Vasile Rudan... came out of the hotel, together with about 20 people who were staying there. The big UFO was orange with the shape of a truncated cone with the base facing upwards... On the right, above a hill, at about 2 kilometres distance, was a lenticular orange UFO which appeared to be in some sort of difficulty. It descended toward the hill, oscillating like a leaf falling from a tree. When it was about to crash into the hill, suddenly its orange light became much more intense; the object then rose vertically, remained stationary at a fixed point a few moments and then began to fall again toward the edge of the hill....'   

Monday, March 13, 2017


Robert Maxwell, Dr. Theodore von Karman, AGARD and Flying Saucers

By Daniel Transit and Eris Andys

Issue 8 of the British Magazine UFO Reality, published in the summer of 1997, includes a three page article entitled 'The Agard Report'. The writer of the article was a woman named Eris Andys, who, according to an on-line source, was born in 1947 and died in 2004. 

The article is subtitled 'NATO Hardcopy Revelations' and 'An Assessment of Bob Dean's ASSESSMENT'.

Eris Andys explains that 'the original Estimate of The Situation Report' ultimately determined that 'UFOs are of an Extraterrestrial nature, and a threat to national security'. She further states that:

'The man in charge of the report's generation was Dr. Theodore von Karman, a physicist and Secretary of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. His is an important name to remember when we recall that NATO began in 1949 - we have always been led to believe that this treaty had been a response to a threat of world communist domination...

The U.S. Air Material Command (AMC).. gave the study of the discs an Above Top Secret security classification and code name. A project was set up to gather technical data from all over the world...' 

Eris Andys maintains that this partly clandestine project, which sought information '..regarding the propulsion system of the aircraft' was 'bumped up to NATO under the watchful eye of Dr. Theodore von Karman'.

We are now almost one page through the content of the 1997 magazine article and for the purposes of this post, I will refrain from quoting - among other matters - the writer's comments on Bob Dean's claims of seeing a document called 'The Assessment', as well as her thoughts on Bob Lazar.

Eris Andys refers in comparatively greater detail to a hardback book she had got from the estate of a scientist, which is titled 'BIBLIOGRAPHY I. Enlarged Edition. MAGNETO-FLUID-DYNAMICS'. Two sample pages of this bibliography are reproduced on the third page of her article, and the title page of the book is in the top-right corner of the second page (curiously, the names of the two people who edited 'Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics' have had their names blacked out in this reproduction of the title page).

Here's some more of Eris Andys' article:

'NATO had its finger on the pulse of every high-level research facility there was in all of the countries in the NATO alliance. The big surprise is that NATO had the full cooperation of the USSR as well. And who was the liaison? It was none other than Robert Maxwell. Yes, this was what he'd been up to. His having shuttled back and forth between British and Russian Intelligence had been the tip of the iceberg.

It was Maxwell's publishing company (Pergamon Press) which had been the conduit for the AGARD (Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development) NATO study... The foreword was written by... Dr. Theodore von Karman.

The propulsion system under research was/is one based upon Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics (MFD)... MFD is the science which studies the interaction between flow fields of conducting fluids and electromagnetic fields, simply put. And it's the sort of research which can put an aircraft out of place with gravity...

It is by far one of the most important collections of arcane research into exotic propulsion ever done...

The suddenly enhanced interest in MFD... during the early '50s - which is still highly advanced today - the involvement of NATO at inception with its incredible reports, its special conventions and meetings all over the globe, gives the game away...'

Eris Andys then goes into some detail regarding Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics, supporting her contention that:

'MFD is not wholly a terrestrial science'...

She further claims of the Bibliography:

'Without doubt, the AGARD report is the Old Testament of UFO propulsion research'...   

As a specific summary, here are some basic details of the book, which Eris Andys considered to be so very significant -

It is a 251-page hardback book whose main title is MAGNETO-FLUID-DYNAMICS. Identified further, above that on the title page as being AGARD BIBLIOGRAPHY I Enlarged Edition. It includes Current Papers and Abstracts, and is published for and on behalf of ADVISORY GROUP FOR AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION. The book was published in 1962, by PERGAMON PRESS, which maintained addresses in Oxford, London, New York, Washington D.C., Paris and Frankfurt. The single-page Foreword was written by Theodore von Karman, and the Introduction is by the book's editors.

'After the war he used various contacts in the Allied occupation to go into business, becoming the British and United States distributor for Springer Verlag, a publisher of scientific books. In 1951 he bought three quarters of Butterworth-Springer, a minor publisher; the remaining quarter was held by the experienced scientific editor Paul Rosbaud. They changed the name of the company to Pergamon Press and rapidly built it into a major publishing house...'

Robert Maxwell ~ Wikipedia

Aside from publishing the Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics bibliography and numerous other AGARD-related books, Pergamon/Robert Maxwell also brought out a book by Theodore von Karman, in 1963, entitled 'From Low-Speed Aerodynamics to Astronautics'.

Many other books published by Pergamon Press dealt with the moon and outer space. These included proceedings of lunar science conferences and a translation of a 1960 Russian book, titled in its 1961 Pergamon edition, 'Atlas of the Other Side of the Moon':

'On 4th October 1959 the Soviet Union successfully launched the third cosmic rocket. The rocket placed an interplanetary station in orbit around the Moon for the first time in history. In this way the first photographs of the other side of the Moon were received in the Soviet Union'.

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Cliff Richard And Jimmy Savile...

Times They Were Together :

A Provisional Listing


Details of Top of the Pops editions presented or co-presented by Jimmy Savile on which Cliff Richard appeared have been found through on-line sources. Where it is indicated that the appearance was a repeat, or that a promo film was shown, or just the record played, I have not included the TOTP edition in this listing. Cliff Richard might well not have been in the studio live for all of the editions that are included here, and some other information here is uncertain. Therefore, this is only a provisional listing. 

Unknown date

Cliff Richard's dressing room
[story told to Dan Davies by Jimmy Savile]


Radio Luxembourg Studios


Radio Luxembourg Studios


May 3rd

New Musical Express Pollwinners' Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley


September 14th

Savoy Hotel, London 



NME Pollwinners' Concert


May 7th

NME Pollwinners' Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley

September 7th

Top Of The Pops (BBC TV)

November 30th

Top Of The Pops

December 26th

Top Of The Pops


March 14th

Top Of The Pops

April 11th

Top Of The Pops

May 12th

NME Pollwinners' Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley


May 11th

NME Pollwinners' Concert, Empire Pool, Wembley

June 5th

Top Of The Pops


March 12th

Top Of The Pops

September 24th

Top Of The Pops


August 12th

Top Of The Pops

November 4th

Top Of The Pops


March 8th

Top Of The Pops

October 4th

Top Of The Pops

November 22nd

Top Of The Pops


July 12th

Jim'll Fix It (BBC TV)

July 19th

Jim'll Fix It


November 25th

Top Of The Pops


March 3rd

Top Of The Pops


July 26th

Top Of The Pops

August 23rd

Top Of The Pops


[specific date in year not known]

Silver Jubilee Luncheon for Phab

December 16th

Top Of The Pops


December 23rd

Wogan (BBC TV)


February 7th

Jim'll Fix It, Dominion Theatre, London


June 4th

Celebrity float driven down Pall Mall (Queen's Golden Jubilee) 


TV Pop Diaries

NME Awards History

Cliff Richard - Wikipedia

Jimmy Savile - Wikipedia

Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb [1902-1997]

Cliff Richard : The Tangled Webb [1998-2016]

Cliff Richard set to sue the BBC after news report on Jimmy Savile review included a clip of the paedophile saying his name

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Why Does BBC Radio 2 Employ Carmen Squire?

She has been working for Radio 2 for more than seven years (perhaps a lot longer). She has also done other work for the BBC, it is said.

Why might this be a problem? The answer is found within the character of the work that this individual does. Under most circumstances, it would be possible for a listener to Radio 2 who dislikes someone to avoid them.

Carmen Squire is, however, a character who does 'voiceovers', and has unaccountably been employed by this national radio station to contribute her voice to trailers, that are broadcast throughout the day, multiple times on all or most live shows. 

Searching on-line, I was not able to find a single positive comment on her voice, as it is employed by Radio 2.

There were, however, a fair amount of critical comments and I am re-posting most here, as I am in agreement with all of them, and would like to see some sort of explanation from BBC Radio 2 as to why this woman has been employed for so long to plaster her voice all over the station like ugly, crass graffiti on a quite attractive building..............

BBC Discussion


Annoying Radio 2 trailers

Roger Saunders on Thursday, 31st December 2009

Is it just me, or are you sick to death of that woman's voice about 6 times an hour giving out information on upcoming shows?

It is always the same monotone voice as if she were talking to 2 year olds and is so condescending it is driving me batty!!!

By all means keep us updated on forthcoming shows, but for goodness sakes give us someone who can speak like a normal human being.

Do we have to listen to someone who insists in raising the inflection in her voice every two or three words!!! aaaaaaaaagh!!

Message 2. Posted by st3ph3n on Thursday, 31st December 2009

Maybe she should vary it by saying .... "and it is through the .... SQUARE / ROUND etc. window"

Message 3. Posted by DaveHD on Sunday, 3rd January 2010

I'm sure she's a lovely lady and we might like her more if we could see what she looks like, but right now her voice is the one thing on Radio 2 that sends me to the "off" switch. Not only does her voice irritate but it's the frequency of the promos -seems like after every other record.

Posted by Subojac on Wednesday, 6th January 2010

Today we have Suzi Quatro and Bob Harris needing to be introduced by this woman. Why?

Then we have her doing the countdowns for Ken Bruce and so it goes on.

Change channel and she is on nearly every half-hour on BBC7.

Change to TV and she is trailing for BBC1. Change to ITV and she is selling food.

It has been suggested that she is called Carmen Squire. She may well be a "lovely lady" but there are thousands of "lovely ladies" that could do these jobs and give us all some much needed variety. Ofcom should regulate this over-exposure.

Posted by Subojac on Wednesday, 6th January 2010

And then it's Chris Evans's "first record" and the new look with Simon Mayo. Pity there is no 'new voice' for Radio 2.

So I turn over to Radio 6 and there she is again, drawling away in that same monotone. Is she trying to get a World Record, the first person to be on all channels at all time? Do the BBC Trail(ers) Department hate us listeners that much?

Posted by Peta on Wednesday, 6th January 2010

Ofcom are not regulators of 'I'm a bit bit bored by hearing the same voice over people' - that's not really an Ofcom thing.

It's pretty likely that this voice over worker gets the work by being good at what she does, and being available for work, bit like all of us in these recession hit days!

Here's a link to more info about what ofcom do and are responsible for...

Posted by Subojac on Wednesday, 6th January 2010

I think I am aware of what Ofcom does (not a lot really). You mistake wishful thinking (and humour?) for ignorance methinks!

Also I am not 'bored' of this voice, I am thoroughly sick and tired of hearing it 'everywhere'.

I like, for instance, Terry Wogan's voice but I wouldn't want, and I don't think most people would want, to hear him several times an hour on nearly all BBC and commercial channels. It doesn't matter how good something is, there is a limit to how often it should be served up and the BBC has surely exceeded this limit by a huge margin.


Black International

3 Jun 2011

Wondering what's more irritating: Jamie Cullum or the Radio 2 Voiceover woman's way of saying it. JEEAYEMEEE CYULLLEMMM


12-04-2012, 08:16


Forum Member

Radio 2 voiceover woman

I cannot stand her voice, and she seems to be the only voiceover person R2 uses at the moment, so she's difficult to avoid. It's that three-note up and down tone she does in each promo. Not sure I've explained it properly, but it bugs the hell out of me.

12-04-2012, 09:53

Who is she? She's all over Radio 2 like a rash. Titanic promos - she's there. Richard Madeley promo - she's there. Promo for Dave Pearce - she's doing that too!

She's irritated me so much I've switched to 6Music.

12-04-2012, 16:58

Andy Walmsley

Forum Member

She's Carmen Squire...

Now I know R2 uses her voice for all imaging presumably to provide a consistent sound but it would make a change to hear someone else, or even a few more sung jingles.

12-04-2012, 17:29


Forum Member

Thanks Andy. That's the one. I've listened to some of her other work and she's equally annoying there too. I'd much prefer to hear Fran Godfrey, Sally Boazman or Fenella Fudge. As I said, it's that three-note "up-up-up-down" intonation that irritates.

28-12-2012, 19:53


Forum Member

I find it an interesting challenge to work out why I find this style of voiceover so irritating. A linguist could probably work it out easily, in the same way as they worked out the fashionable tendency, possibly first imported to this country via Australian soaps, to replace "you know?" at the end of a descriptive sentence by simply raising the voice at the last syllable of the sentence.

Here goes my explanation:

Imagine you were saying to a relative in complicity that someone neither of you liked was coming for Christmas dinner. You might say sarcastically: "And who else is coming? Your favourite sister" For emphasis you might use the up up up down inflection on the phrase "Fa vou rite Sister" in just the same way Carmen says "Ra di yo Two".

The up up up creates suspense, and the down resolves it.

Many voiceovers started this habit in the last 12 or so years. I think its origins could go back even several decades. There can be just two ups and a down, as in "Rad yo Two", or just one, even in just one word, for example the well heard mockney man who says in the commercial, as if he's exhaling a drag of a cigarette, or practising a yoga chant technique, "Wiiiiiickes"

It's the fake complicity between announcer and audience that is the thing here, not the sarcasm. The inflection is as if they were actually saying "And what is the name of the station I am going to say at the end of this sentence? You know........good old.....(Wait for it) Ra di yoh Twooooo"

It is a function of how this type of announcer uses suggestibility to relate to their audience. Almost subliminally, they are suggesting to the listener that the listener knows what the announcer is going to say, that their product is something reassuring, that they are on the same wavelength as the audience, (complicity). With Carmen Squires, and maybe others, this style has become formalised and exaggerated more recently and the syllables more robotically separated, the tones more stable and rigid.

There could possibly be another less scientific element which I have already hinted at, the raise and fall of the tone could simply work by implying the soothing tones one would use when hushing a child to sleep.

That's really the best I can do as an amateur. I would be interested to see a more precise or maybe a professional explanation.

Some people may not be irritated by this style, but I find it very patronising. I do agree that it's time for a change of voiceovers at Radio 2, but I dread to think what we might get in replacement.



22 Aug 2012

..I've found ELC. AKA Carmen Squire. Feel free to print this and throw darts at it ;) xxx

13 Nov 2012

Still struggling to find a replacement morning radio station. I do like Radio 2...but that insipid Carmen Squire VO woman does my swede in.


22 Jul 2013

Are Radio 2 trailers, just, the noisiest, damn-awful ...ever? #vine@bbc R2

18 Dec 2013

...She's almost as bad as Carmen Squire. Almost.



May 29, 2014 at 8:58 pm

At least they have names you can put to their voices.

For some reason Carmen Squire has the ‘voice of choice’ across the whole of British media.

She’s the one that interrupts Radio 2 every 20 minutes to tell us in the same tones who the instantly recognisable voice in the trailer was.

Love them or loath them we can choose to listen or avoid the other regular presenters but not this one.



People you'd never get tired of punching in the face...


Monday 8th September 2014

I will just leave this here and let you have a think about why I nominate her.

[photo of Carmen Squire]



July 13, 2015 at 10:13 am

Please can they also save a few ‘k’ by getting rid of the dire ‘anonymous’, adds-nothing , Carmen Squire, the most-heard voice on British media.

(She’s the one that is given carte blanche to interrupt Radio 2 every 20 minutes with inane interjections like “Terry Wogan!”, “Jules Holland!”, “Paul McCartney!”, as if none of us would recognise any of them without her sexy (pass the bucket) help!)



12 Oct 2015

Bob Smith

Dear @BBCRadio2
Please stop using Carmen Squire's voice for your trails
Her v silly over modulated voice drives me (+others) nuts

16 Aug 2016

Jane Reynolds

@BBCRadio2 Finally found out that the woman who read EVERY SINGLE trail in the EXACT-SAME tone is Carmen Squire. Please, please replace her.

@BBCRadio2 You could get a machine to do a better/cheaper job than Carmen Squire. Every trail's identical; like a deaf, over-dramatic robot.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Myth Of Glam Rock

What is 'Glam Rock'? Was it really a musical genre?

The Complete Oxford English Dictionary states:

glam-rock n.a. style of rock music (typically of the early to mid-1970s) characterized by male performers dressed in glamorous clothes, with the suggestion of androgyny or sexual ambiguity; c.f. glitter rock...

Although the OED says that 'glam-rock' was around in 'the early to mid-1970s', they give no evidence of the term existing pre-1974 in their examples of its published usage:

1974 Music Scene Jan.
There was also nothing to say that he was the 'King of Glamour Rock'.

1974 Music Scene Mar.
Many bands started resorting to gimmicks in their acts... Thus was born the age of 'glam rock'.

1984 Melody Maker Oct.
ref... Wrathchild glam rock album.

The fact that the first OED quote is from as late as 1974, and refers to 'Glamour Rock' rather than 'Glam Rock' or 'Glam' is interesting. If these terms were being commonly used to define a musical genre from the early-1970s onwards, we might expect Music Scene magazine not to have used the alternative term 'Glamour Rock' in early-1974. And, why could the OED not find earlier published uses of 'Glam Rock'?

In fact, a search of British press archives reveals that - before 1974 - glam/glam rock terminology was used in reviews and articles by certain journalists, and that a single relevantly-titled book was published. Here are some pertinent quotations from 1972-1973:

September 2nd 1972 | The Guardian

Lucky Glam Rock

MARTIN WALKER on the rock revival and superstar David Bowie.. who opens Manchester's new rock arena tonight...

..But Glam Rock is fusing these disparate groups back together, Jagger, diabolic superstar, had always pointed this way. But other followed the path on - and perhaps back - to Glamour, to Showbiz. Elvis himself appeared this year in Las Vegas, white jump suits on skin-fitting black leather... 

January 22nd 1973 | Daily Mirror | Deborah Thomas


..The Glam Rock idol has an image as camp as a row of tents on stage but he's just plain Mr. David Jones back home in Beckenham, Kent, where he lives with his wife, Angela, and their baby son, Zowie.


The rock and rouge artist shook the pop world last year with his million-selling space album "Ziggy Stardust and the Spider From Mars"...  

June 5th 1973 | Daily Express | Judith Simons

AMERICAN singer-composer Lou Reed, "father" of what is politely called Glam Rock, or, in the case of exponents like Alice Cooper, "kinky" rock has his first British success...

October 5th 1973 | Daily Express | Judith Simons

WAYNE COUNTY is the sort of name you remember. Much as you may very shortly prefer to forget it.

He is the American singer who has taken the "glam-rock" to its ultimate with a horrifying act on stage parodying a plain woman doing her best to look attractive...

[There are further references to Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper, Bowie, before the article returns to Wayne County]

...Finally, the man who stands 6ft. 2in in his high heels will be the death of "glam-rock". Nobody could take the fashion further.

Why boys will be girls...

But after play-it-for-laughs Wayne, this crazy pop cult can't drag on much longer.

November 26th 1973 | Daily Express | Judith Simons [?]

New York Dolls, glam-Rock group from America appear at Biba, Kensington.

December 10th 1973 | Daily Express | Judith Simons

SATURDAY: The New York Dolls, glam rock at its most repulsive at London's Rainbow Theatre.

1973 | New English Library | Richard Allen


[Paperback book. From cover: 'Johnny Holland fights to stay idol of a million fans']

From those examples, we can deduce that:

* At least four writers used the term 'glam' or (more-or-less) 'glam rock' during the years 1972-1973.

* Although the publication of a work of fiction titled 'Glam' might suggest that there really was a genre of music with this name existent at the time... The sometimes equally-emphasized terms employed by the journalists quoted e.g. "kinky" rock, and "rock and rouge", suggest that those now hugely-emphasized terms - 'Glam' and 'Glam Rock' - were really not all that prominent in the general musical vocabulary of the early-1970s, in Britain.

Nevertheless, we cannot say that the use of them by writers was so uncommon as to be completely unworthy of historical note. As these quotations show, the glam terminology continued to be wielded in print during the years 1974-1976:

January 28th 1974 | The Guardian

T.REX in Manchester by Barry Coleman

..early exponent of glam rock and of course immensely successful as a bump and grind teeny glitter idol...

May 14th 1974 | Daily Express | Judith Simons

..Alan Williams is on the threshold of a career as a pop idol... with his name on every teenybopper's lips.

His group The Rubettes has jumped to No.1 in the hit parade with their record "Sugar Baby Love"...

For, with his clean-cut looks, wide smile and dimples he has crystalized a mood for a new type of idol - a sort of antidote to the style typified by the glam Rock of David Bowie...

August 8th 1974 | Daily Express | Judith Simons

..Then came Wizzard, with Wood painting his face in a comic parody of glam rock...

January 28th 1975 | Daily Express | Judith Simons

AFTER spending most of the year in America and France, Marc Bolan, originator of Glam Rock, is back - ego undimmed and full of enthusiasm...

November 18th 1975 | Daily Express | William Hickey

..Bolan, Britain's first glam rock king (that means a rock star who wears make up)...

December 2nd 1975 | Daily Express | Judith Simons

..the band Queen are now Britain's latest show business rage...

At one time, due partly to their name, they simply seemed a successful part of the Glam Rock era. But they have outgrown gimmicks. For "glam" now read "theatrical" with an intellectual flavour...

December 6th 1976 | The Observer

Not everyone is choleric about punk rock. Laurie Taylor, Professor of Sociology at York University said: "Rock music cults always start off with something outrageous. But in a very short time they become refined and acceptable. David Bowie's Glam Rock cult, of which these kids are the heirs, started the same way. So did the Rolling Stones."...

Without looking more widely at the music scene in the early to mid-1970s, it would be possible for someone to selectively use some of the quotations I've provided here to support the notion that a genre of music existed during that time called Glam / Glam Rock. More realistically viewed, these examples only show that some journalists of the time were inclined towards using the 'Glam' label. I've (so far) not been able to find any evidence that the general public of those years followed those journalists down the 'Glam' road.

* Apart from one fictional book, published in 1973, I've found no other music-related book, magazine or fanzine from the years 1971-1975 with the word 'glam' in the title. Almost all of the music-related literary and other commercial exploitation of the word(s) seems to be restricted to the years after when the supposed style of music is said to have been thriving.

* I don't know of any TV shows, or TV/film documentaries from 1971-1975, when 'Glam (Rock)' was supposed to have been so prominently popular with the public, that are dedicated to this purported style of music.

* I'm not aware of any song titles or album titles from the period 1971-1975 that include the word 'glam'.

During the years 1976-1979:

There were books, magazines and numerous fanzines dedicated to a musical movement known as 'punk' or 'punk rock'.

There were many people who defined themselves as 'punks', 'punk rockers' or (maybe) 'punkettes'.

There were TV shows and TV/film documentaries made and shown about the phenomenon of 'Punk'.

Here are the titles of eight different 1970s songs that contain the word 'punk' or something very close:

The Ramones JUDY IS A PUNK (1976)

The Ramones SHEENA IS A PUNK ROCKER (1977)

Bob Marley & The Wailers PUNKY REGGAE PARTY (1977)

Cherry Vanilla THE PUNK (1977)

The Clash ALL THE YOUNG PUNKS (1978)

Generation X ONE HUNDRED PUNKS (1978)

Television Personalities PART TIME PUNKS (1978)

The Art Attacks PUNK ROCK STARS (1979)

The evidence that a music movement, genre or phenomenon known as 'punk' and 'punk rock' existed and was seriously recognised during the years 1976-1979 is very strong. The evidence that a musical style known as 'glam' and 'glam rock' existed and was seriously recognised during the early to mid-1970s is weak. Those who persist in pushing the idea that 'glam' existed - beyond the limits of a few (mostly 'hack'?) writers - ought to provide any substantial evidence to support their view.

If convincing information is forthcoming, I am willing to change my mind on this; but, as things currently stand, I'm close to certain that 'Glam Rock' is largely a product of historical revisionism or, in other words, 'Glam Rock' is a myth.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Roswell :

George Adamski,
Palomar and
Corning Glass

'..Because they were unfamiliar with our terrain and atmosphere (we had been experimenting with atomic bombs and, not long before, had exploded some to end the war, thereby setting up an unnatural condition), or the strength of our planet's magnetic fields, there were more crashes than we realize. Frank Scully reported some of these in 1950 in his book Behind the Flying Saucers...  

This well-known, self styled UFO investigator [Donald Keyhoe], with headquarters in Washington D.C., stated in his second book that I "ran a hamburger stand on the road to the Mount Palomar Observatory."... Palomar Gardens Café has accommodated many notable visitors. These people, from all over the world, probably wouldn't have signed the guest register in a mere "hamburger stand"... I have never owned a business, nor was I employed in any capacity at the Palomar Gardens Café. My wife and I lived on the property and I had set up the telescopes there...

These were my own instruments and were in no way connected with the Palomar Observatory. Although I was acquainted with several scientists at the Palomar Observatory, I have never been employed as a member of the observatory, or even claimed to be a member of the observatory staff...

Some newspapers used the term "hamburger vendor" in a derogatory sense, hinting I was a nobody who had "jumped on the Flying Saucer Bandwagon." Even if the reference to me had been true, it would not have been to my discredit, for America is built upon the little fellows who made good....'

George Adamski Flying Saucers Farewell (1961)

Giving as their source an interview with Ronal Florence, Palomar Historian and Author, the George Adamski Foundation website states that:

"When the big mirror for the Palomar Telescope was brought up in 1947, it was set on a concrete platform, that still sits by the observatory today (on the west side). In a playful mood, Astronomer Olin Wilson placed a 'carefully' lettered sign on the platform that read, 'This flying saucer, drawn here by the light gathering power of the 200 inch telescope, has brought visitors from other worlds who are currently guest of the government'... The sign was later removed when a visitor complained."

Wikipedia states of the man who placed this 'flying saucer' sign on the telescope's platform:

'Olin Chaddock Wilson (January 13, 1909 - July 13, 1994) was an American astronomer best known for his work as a stellar spectroscopist...'

A substantial 'biographical memoir' by Helmut A. Abt on the National Academy of Sciences' website begins:

'Olin C. Wilson was a stellar spectroscopist who spent his entire research career (1932-82) observing at the Mt. Wilson and Palomar observatories. He is known for being the first person to derive activity cycles in other stars analogous to the 11-year solar cycle. He also showed that the widths of the chromospheric Ca II emission lines in late-type stars provide accurate measures of their luminosities - the Wilson-Bappu effect. He is known for showing the complex internal motions in planetary nebulae and the Orion nebula; the latter shows evidence of shock waves and turbulence that is non-Kolmogoroff. He also demonstrated that many Wolf-Rayet stars are members of double stars and that they are under-massive. He also showed that the chromosphere of the supergiant zeta Aurigae consists of sheets or clumps, not a smoothly varying density gradient...'

The same web page on GAF site as quoted earlier credits Mrs. Alice K. Wells, long-time friend and associate of George Adamski and his wife, with this information:

"Dr. Joseph Johnson, son of Mrs. Lolita Johnson who gave George his first 6 inch telescope in Laguna Beach in the 1930s, was an instructor at Cal Tech Pasadena. Dr. Johnson was involved in mapping the sky for the placement of the Hale 200 inch telescope for the Mount Palomar Observatory to be installed. Whenever possible, George Adamski spent many evenings with Dr. Johnson, discussing a great deal about space."

The Hale Telescope, which Mr. Adamski's friend, Dr. Johnson helped to map the sky for the placement of, is (now):

'..a 200-inch... telescope at the Palomar Observatory in California, US, named after astronomer George Ellery Hale...

It was the largest optical telescope in the world from its completion in 1948 until... 1976...

In 1928 Hale secured a grant of $36 million from the Rockefeller Foundation for "the construction of an observatory, including a 200-inch reflecting telescope" to be administered by.. Caltech.. In the early 1930s, Hale selected a site at 1,700m... on Palomar Mountain in San Diego County, California, US, as the best site... The Corning Glass Works was assigned the task of making a 200-inch primary mirror... cast in 1934 at Corning Glass Works in New York State using Corning's then new material called Pyrex (borosilicate glass)....' (Wikipedia)

According to another excellent webpage about the Hale Telescope:

'The mirror finally arrived at Palomar on November 19, 1947. It was transported on the back of a flatbed truck with two additional trucks behind it pushing it up highway S-6.. and to the Observatory site...

While not quite completed, the 200-inch was dedicated as the Hale Telescope on June 3, 1948. The telescope was designed for photographic work, all of which was initially done on glass photographic plates. The first "official" photos were taken by Edwin Hubble on January 26, 1949. It was not until November 1949 - 21 years into the project - that astronomers were finally able to begin research....'        

'Apparently there was no door to what unquestionably was the cabin. The outside surface showed no marking of any sort, except for a broken porthole, which appeared on first examination to be of glass. On closer examination we found it was a good deal different from any glass in this country..'

Witness quote in Frank Scully Behind the Flying Saucers (1950)

'..(Lincoln) LaPaz wanted to fly over the area, and this was arranged. He found one other spot where he felt this thing had touched down and then taken off again. The sand at this spot had been turned into a glass-like substance. We collected a boxful of samples of this material....'

Bill Rickett quoted in Christopher Schmidt Roswell Witness Testimonies (1993) 

'I was able to observe it gliding noiselessly in my direction - an iridescent glass-like craft flashing its brilliant colours in the morning sun!...'

George Adamski Flying Saucers Have Landed (1953)

About George Adamski

Olin Chaddock Wilson

Olin Wilson - Biographical Memoir

The Hale Telescope

The 200-inch (5.1-meter) Hale Telescope

The Story of Palomar, 1948

'ROSWELL' - George Adamski : Syracuse, New York 1965