Wednesday, August 05, 2009

George W. Bush : Mind The Gap
Late at night on a television set I’d switched on, George W. Bush was doing a press call. People would ask him questions, which he was supposed to respond to, apparently while giving the impression that he was in control of every conceivable situation. Mr.Fix-It or The Font of Comprehensive Knowledge.
Something odd was perceived by this viewer: After a question was asked, there would be an overlong gap, before the President of the U.S.A. responded in a manner that approximated that of the guileless bearer of spontaneous, trustworthy guidance. It didn’t make sense and could only have made sense if he’d uttered the quasi-spontaneous reply immediately following the conclusion of the question…
…quite reminiscent of the way a public lecturer might answer a question asked by an audience member in a foreign language they didn’t understand, which previously had required translation. So, it naturally occurred to me that the only possible reason for the curious gap between question and quasi-spontaneous response, was that ‘Mr.President’ was receiving the answers to the questions through some sort of ‘hearing device’.
Well, this was the idea I had to explain what I witnessed; but this scenario also seemed too unlikely to me - surely a set-up of this sort would be too liable to be uncovered by someone. The negative consequences to George W. Bush and others around him of a likely disclosure would be enough to discourage this type of deception from being considered, I reasoned.
Hence, I mentally shrugged off from further thought the only logical explanation for George W. Bush’s peculiar performance at the press call…
…until that is I heard of a similar ‘theory’ being formed by some people with regard to a Presidential Debate that Mr.Bush had taken part in. A website had been constructed called something like ‘Is Bush Wired?’ - the theorisers apparently maintained that the hearing technology required by Mr.Bush to feed him answers during the debate was visible beneath his clothing!
The last I heard on the matter up to this time was conveyed over the airwaves by talkSPORT presenter Mike Dickin, not long before he was the victim of a fatal car crash. Mr.Dickin stated words to the effect that it had become established knowledge among certain journalists that George W.Bush received answers to questions he was asked through a hearing device.


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