Monday, April 01, 2013

Sean Donovan Of Nullifies My Existence

There is a website, which I recommend, dedicated to the contactee Daniel Fry. The man who set it up and maintains it, Sean Donovan, has made available a huge amount of knowledge and memorabilia about Daniel Fry. This is a great thing that he has done.

In association with the website, there was a Forum, which only a few people (I was one) were members of, and posted on. Nevertheless, going by the view counts for posts, hundreds of other people did read at least one post on the Forum.

Some might feel that the Daniel Fry Forum was not worth keeping going, as there were very few examples of discussions taking place. That is a point of view I respect.

However, on March 25th, when I visited the Daniel Fry website, I was confronted by a message, pertaining to such a discontinuation, that I could not respect the content of. Here is this message:

News Archive
19-02-13 09:38

Disabled the Forum

Until the new site is up and running smoothly and I have found better forum software, I have disabled the current forum.

It was based on old PHPBB code and no one ever used it anyway. I am debating whether I will add one to the new site.



First off, Mr.Donovan had not sent an e-mail to members warning them, in advance, of this removal of the Forum - or, at any rate, I never received one. This, in itself, perhaps, suggests that he thought nothing that anyone had posted was of sufficient value or interest that any member(s) would want to preserve the information.

That's unfortunate; but, it is completely fair that Mr.Donovan should be able to remove the Forum anytime he wants to, due to the fact that it is his Forum.

What is more than unfortunate, indeed offensive to me, if not necessarily to others, is his claim that 'no one' used the Daniel Fry Forum.

Since I had used the Forum, not merely to post trivia or ephemera; but, rather to post information that I consider to be extremely important, concerning hitherto undocumented and largely unacknowledged links between the contactee encounters (including that of Daniel Fry) and the Barney & Betty Hill encounter, I strongly resent Mr.Donovan's characterization of me as 'no one'.

It is true that a lot of people, in my experience of life, have treated me with total indifference, or with a lack of response, indicating that they, probably, view me as being of no discernable value to anyone; but, I cannot recall ever actually having been described by anyone, before Sean Donovan's statement appeared on-line, in terms that explicitly express such a 100% contemptuous, nullifying dismissal of my existence, or contribution to social intercourse...

...Albeit, it has to be said, in closing this response, that Mr.Donovan dismisses me, as just one of the previously identifiable Daniel Fry Forum users, among the hundreds of visitors, whom he now, seemingly with casual assurance, nullifies into the 'no one' state of non-being.   


Blogger hermesatar trismegistus said...

Is it you who have the archive of newspaper clippings about Contactees?

Have you ever thought of donating or sell your archive to AFU in Sweden?

Do you buy new ufo books? I suggest

When you have time, you can always visit my contacteepage

10:00 AM  
Blogger Daniel Transit said...

Hello hermesatar,

I don't know whether or not it is me you mean. I do have quite a few articles/clippings about Contactees - the majority are photocopies, or images on a computer, rather than the original publications.

Some content along these lines can be found on my Flying Saucers Forum

I'm aware of AFU. As far as donation goes, at the moment, I'm not sure that I have a lot of material that I definitely won't be needing to use.

I've visited your 'contacteepage' before and will have another visit to see if anything new/recent is there. Hadn't heard of the book website before, will have a look at it, also.


1:53 PM  

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