Saturday, April 16, 2011

E.T. Disappearance Syndrome 4 : Brad Steiger Article 1975

'There is probably no one who has written so many books on the subject of UFOs or has been so widely read as Steiger...'

Jerome Clark The UFO Encyclopedia (1990)

'There are several theories as to the ufonauts' place of origin and their true identity. Every investigator, regardless of how receptive he is to other opinions, has his favorite location, whether physical or ethereal, for these manifestations. Generally, however, all the arguments are eventually reduced to the central issue of whether the UFO intelligences are essentially nonphysical entities from an invisible realm in our own world, or whether they are physical beings who have the ability to materialize and dematerialize their bodies and craft...

...Most often, they appear content to merely show us what can be done. They have done this before by demonstrating the possibility of air flight, radio communication, television, and a host of other developments that were once considered by Mankind to be impossible. Now they may be demonstrating the possibility of dematerialization and rematerialization. Perhaps they are showing us that the best way of dealing with space travel over great distances is not to travel through space, but to avoid space....'

Brad Steiger, Saga magazine, September 1975


Blogger - galactic zoo dosier - said...

That a great excerpt! Brad Steiger also has nice web site and the articles in S-files section.
Some of his books were issued in Russian language but none in Lithuanian.


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