Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Betty And Barney Hill Alien Encounter Was NOT A New Development

In 1955, a book by George Adamski, entitled Inside the Space Ships, was first published. Among its illustrations, the original hardback edition contained 'Saturn Scout Passenger Section (Top View)' - a diagram by Glenn Passmore of a spacecraft that George Adamski recounted being inside. In his account of the April 1955 experience, Mr.Adamski quoted a Saturnian man as having told him, while they were on board:

"Although this Scout was built on Saturn, no particular planet owns it. Instead we share it. Consequently, its crew has members from all planets.

As you can see, this is a large Scout and designed for long-range travel. It can remain away from its mother ship for a week or more without having to return for recharge, as it carries generating equipment on board which serves this purpose..."

In 1965 or 1966, Barney Hill made a sketch of the spacecraft that he and his wife, Betty, had been taken onto by aliens. This sketch was published, in 1966, in the book by John Fuller entitled The Interrupted Journey.

As you can see from the scanned excerpts of both of these drawings, reproduced below, the Barney and Betty Hill craft was depicted as having an entrance in the same lower-centre position as the entrance to George Adamski's 'Saturn Scout' was depicted as having been. Another similarity worth highlighting is that the 'corridor that appeared to circle craft' in Barney Hill's sketch is basically the same feature as the 'corridors' depicted on the Glenn Passmore sketch as encircling the Saturnian craft.

It can be ascertained by anyone comparing Glenn Passmore's original, substantial published diagram to Barney Hill's sketch of about ten years later, that the interior layouts of the two spacecraft - as portrayed by these two men: Glenn Passmore and Barney Hill - are much too much alike for the evident similarity to be easily dismissed as being of no significance.

During the more than 45 years that have elapsed since details of the Barney and Betty Hill alien encounter were first published, a big, false idea has been spread by prominent people within so-called UFOlogy.

Most of us with a serious interest in the 'subject', have not tended to question this false idea, probably because there seemed, superficially, to be one or two very good reasons to believe that it was really true.

However, if you take the time to study both the contactee accounts of the 1950s and the Barney/Betty Hill account, with a view to finding similarities, you discover that numerous common factors are there: these are straightforward and obvious to perceive.

The idea promoted by, among others, anti-contactee prejudiced abduction researchers, Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs, that the Hills' alien encounter was a new development in publicised Human-Extraterrestrial interactions, has now been proven to be false.

We need not be misled any longer on this matter by biased men and women serving up a false view of history.



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