Sunday, May 24, 2015

Robert Girard On The Next Higher Octave

from Elements of the Equation (1988)

'..As lower animals lack all comprehension of the nature of human reality, so do we humans lack all comprehension of "what it's really like" one octave up from our own.

The next higher octave also consists of "notes." Its lower notes may be represented to us in such "sub-human" creatures as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, and also by incubi and succubi, or by the Jinns of the BOOK OF THE THOUSAND NIGHTS AND A NIGHT. Bigfeet and lake monsters appear in less-than-human form, but they are capable of violating human reality; this gives them away as not representing a previously un-captured earthly (animal) species, but as denizens of a higher level of reality than ours. Incubi and succubi are loathsome creatures, but we must also assign them to a higher--and not a lower--octave because of their similar abilities at violating human reality. And the Jinns of the Arabian Nights--study of whom is highly instructive--are often cruel and capricious in their toying with humanity, and interact with us in innumerable ways and have innumerable whimsical purposes in mind for doing so. For this reason we must deny them the "divine" status reserved for the higher notes of the next octave up, but we must still assign them lower-level membership in it.

UFOnauts may range higher up among its notes, but perhaps not too high, for they appear to depend on technological equipment even moreso than humans. Higher up are the "angels," and other highly refined beings whose power surpasses that of the beings from the lower ranges of that octave, and who seem to be free of the need for "equipment" as they go about their mis-use of the powers granted to them by their octave. They play "The Name Game" and "The Numbers Game" with humanity endlessly, with apparently little imagination. In our own octave we have beings who go through a similar phase: little boys going through their "pulling wings from butterflies" or "pulling the cat's tail" years. The higher-level beings in the next octave up appear to be more aware of their power, and work not so much at the individual level but on a much larger scale, going so far as to concoct schemes which manipulate the entire human race if necessary.

As we humans possess the ability to dominate and control lower life forms from our octave--and as those lower species have neither the awareness nor the ability to offer more than brief physical resistance against us--so are life forms from the next higher octave able to dominate and control humans, without our being aware of their purposes or having the ability to offer any effective resistance against them. Because of the quantum nature of the gap separating octaves of life, we lack even the most rudimentary comprehension of what reality is like for that octave; our confusion--were we able to visit another octave--there would resemble the blind rush of the squirrel across a human street.. And just as the animals below us have no inkling whatever of the real purposes or meaning of our interaction with them--ranging from keeping them lovingly as pets through injecting them with killer diseases through slaughtering them for food, feathers or fur--neither can we humans know with certainty the reasons behind "alien" contact with us.....'  


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