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Cars or Chemtrails :
Which Does More Harm?

Part 2

David Icke

In David Icke's book 'The Biggest Secret', he focusses a fair amount of attention on the oil companies, and strongly gives the impression that he considers them to be very bad indeed:

'..the double cross symbol was later used by some aspects of the Christian Church and it is the origin of the term to be 'double crossed', manipulated. This has become another symbol of the reptilian Brotherhood and you can see it in the logo of the oil giant, Exxon, controlled by their American managers, the Rockefellers...' (p.159)

'..Standard Oil, controlled by the Rockefellers, was, in effect, the same company as I.G. Farben, Hitler's chemical giant which operated the concentration camp at Auschwitz. I.G. Farben was the heart of the Nazi war machine and it was technological knowledge transferred to them by Standard Oil which allowed Hitler to fight the war. This included the know-how necessary to turn the vast German coal reserves into oil...' (p.254-255)

'..the double square, or eight pointed star, can be seen in the lobby at the heart of the British Parliament and a long list of world police forces surround their badge with the same symbol.. The chevron is another version of this.. You need to look at this as symbolic of two three-dimensional boxes, one above the other, and not as one-dimensional 'ticks'. This is the logo of the Brotherhood oil company Chevron, and the other oil and transnational corporations are a maze of symbols featuring the secret language of the force which controls the world.. Texaco has the pentagram inside a circle with the T square of Freemasonry.. The symbol of Atlantic Richfield Oil (ARCO) is a pyramid with the capstone missing looked at from above.. and Amoco has the lighted torch...' (p.363-364)

'..The ANC government is just as controlled and corrupt as the white one it replaced. Shell Oil, the Babylonian Brotherhood oil company controlled by people like Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, gave a whole tower block to the ANC at the time of the changeover...' (p.131)

'..Researchers like Philip Beresford, the author of The Book Of The British Rich, say that Queen Elizabeth invests in the major corporations like Rio Tinto.. Royal Dutch Shell, ICI and General Electric. This makes sense because these are all pillars of the black nobility...' (p.376)

'..According to Stephen Dorrill in his book, The Secret Conspiracy, Inside The Secret Service In The 90s, Control Risks is the most important of the private secret services operated by the Queen's Privy Council.. One of the companies using Defence Systems in South America is British Petroleum who employ Control Risks. BP is one of the most unpleasant business operations on the planet and a front for the British Foreign Office, British Intelligence and The Crown. British Petroleum is a jewel of the Brotherhood and the Windsor cartels and so it is only understandable that they would use the Brotherhood-Windsor 'security' network...' (p.398-399)
Given that these passages were published in one of David Icke's books, and given that Mr.Icke is a former spokesperson for the Green Party, we might expect that he would be keen to advocate people's use of bicycles and public transport, rather than the deadly option of the car. (Clearly, cars are a deadly option, not only due to their pollution - chemical and noise - and, due to the accidents involving them, causing death and injury; but, also due to their need for fuel coming from - as David Icke seemingly sees it - Babylonian Brotherhood oil companies) 

Yet, the on-line evidence I've seen tends to suggest that David Icke couldn't care less about environmental damage caused by cars. Nor, does he indicate any concern over any ethical-type issues surrounding the activity of driving a car, e.g. 'Brotherhood'/'Nazi'/'Rockefeller'/'Masonic' connections to the production of oil, and, one might suppose, also, inevitably from the Ickean viewpoint, the vehicles themselves being tied up with 'The Brotherhood'.

In addition to the seeming lack of concern for car pollution that his output on Twitter demonstrates, there is also a video on YouTube titled 'David Icke - The Truth, and his car!' Filmed in Ryde, Isle of Wight, where he lives and running for 14 minutes 49 seconds, the uploader describes it like this:

David lets us in to see the reality and not the lies spread by some

Near the start of the presentation, David Icke refutes that he has done it all for the money; that he lives in a mansion, and that he drives a Bentley.

Actually, he drives a saloon car. (He emphasizes this fact, as if to lead us into being impressed at how unworldly and restrained he is in his financial output)

He gets into the car and drives to his house, making barbed reference to it being his "mansion" and to "electronic gates" and a "butler".

After 2 minutes 15 seconds, he gets out of the car, and goes into his flat in a block of flats, with a further dramatic "mansion" reference.

He further states, while showing the viewer around, that he is not doing things just for himself, and not for the money.

Another shorter video on YouTube has Mr.Icke in Alex Jones' car. As with the above-outlined effort, there is not (as I recall) a single mention of the 'Brotherhood' connections to cars and the fuel they run on. Nor, does Mr.Icke express any worry at all about the pollution and the other deadly problems that car driving is responsible for.

Although we might simply shrug this all off as par for the course for a committed car driver - their ability to drive the car when and where they want always far outflanking in their minds any considerations to the negative impact on others of what they are doing - the comparison I am seeking to bring to light here perhaps justifies the attention I've given to Mr.Icke's (seeming) one-track pro-car mind.

Ex-Green Party spokesperson, David Icke's unconcern about damage to humanity done by cars through their toxic emissions.

In contrast to

David Icke's relentless agitated concern about damage to humanity done by the (alleged) toxic emissions of chemtrails. 

I have to wonder..

1) Are the 'chemtrails' really a serious problem?

2) If they are a serious problem, is David Icke keen to focus attention on them, rather than car pollution, because he is a long-term car addict? 

3) If they are largely an invention, or exaggeration, is he focussing on 'chemtrails' as a deliberate distraction from real problems, like cars?    

Could it be that David Icke is really working for the 'Babylonian Brotherhood' by aggressively promoting an almost non-existent problem called chemtrails?   


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