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Cliff Richard And Gary Glitter...

How well do they know each other?


Richard Loring is a long-time friend of Cliff Richard.

Rolf Harris, Cliff Richard and Jimmy Savile were three of the most prominent celebrities involved with the charity Phab. Rolf Harris and Cliff Richard were/are friends working together on multiple occasions.

Tim Rice became closely acquainted with Cliff Richard in the 1960s. As far as I know, they are still friends.

George Tremlett wrote biographies of pop stars - most published during the 1970s. This century, his name was revealed to be found on the ‘Elm Guest House List’, as were Cliff Richard and (his friend) Jess Conrad.

Ed Stewart was the President of the charity Phab and knew Cliff Richard (and Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris).

Mike Read is a close friend of Cliff Richard and Tim Rice. He attended Jimmy Savile’s funeral.

Gary Glitter was known as Paul Raven during the 1960s (his birth name was Paul Gadd).


February 26th

In Church Times, both Cliff Richard and Paul Raven are pictured and named as visitors to the Eton Mission at Hackney Wick, London.


Paul Raven joins Mike Leander Show Band. The musical relationship between Paul Raven (Gary Glitter) and Mike Leander continues after this group disbands.


May 7th
The New Musical Express Poll-Winners All-Stars Concert takes place at Empire Pool, Wembley. The acts, introduced by Simon Dee and Jimmy Savile, include Cliff Richard, who is accompanied by the Mike Leander Orchestra.


March 21st

An advert for Noel Gay Artists includes the names Richard Loring and Paul Raven.

May 12th

New Musical Express Poll-Winners All-Stars Concert takes place at Empire Pool, Wembley. Cliff Richard; Jimmy Savile and The Shadows are among the acts appearing. For the second year in a row, Cliff Richard is accompanied by the Mike Leander Orchestra.


May 11th

At the Sun Television Awards, Freddie Starr ‘..sings Twistin' the Night Away and performs stand up comedy and impressions of Jimmy Savile, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, and Mick Jagger… Pete Murray (presenter).. announces the award for the top male personality, the award is presented by Diana Dors (who is on crutches) to Michael Parkinson. Pete introduces the award for the top pop act, this is presented by Gary Glitter to The New Seekers - they are not present but the award is received on their behalf by Keith Potger. Pete introduces the award for top female personality, the award is presented by Rolf Harris to Cilla Black (includes clips of Cilla interviewing members of the public about European food)…’


November 22nd

Cliff Richard performs ‘Take Me High’ as a new release on Top of The Pops, on an edition presented by Jimmy Savile. Gary Glitter is at number 1 this week, and follows Cliff as the last act on the show.


November 1st

‘The Gary Glitter Story’ by George Tremlett is published.


South African production of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’ features Richard Loring as the Narrator. 

September 12th

‘The Cliff Richard Story’ by George Tremlett is published.


November 22nd

BBC1 Children In Need includes, among many others, Cliff Richard and Gary Glitter.


April 15th

At Marty Wilde’s 50th Birthday Party (in Hertfordshire), he gets up and sings ‘..loads of the old rock 'n' roll songs with various members of The Shadows, Tim Rice, Gary Glitter.’

Mrs. Wilde, their daughter Kim and Gary Glitter provide backing vocals for Marty.



January 1st
Tim Rice makes an appearance on Gary Glitter's 'This Is Your Life'.
Gary Glitter had sung one of the parts on the 1970 album release of Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Jesus Christ Superstar' rock musical. At that time he was still known as Paul Raven.


November 25th
Ed Stewart, Mike Read and Tony Blackburn take part in a Gary Glitter tribute on BBC TV during the Children In Need telethon.


December 24th
Channel 4's The Big Breakfast has as guests:
Gary Glitter, Cliff Richard (interviewed) and Neil Sedaka.


November 12th
‘Pop star Gary Glitter has been jailed for four months after admitting to a collection of 4,000 hardcore photographs of children being abused.

The admission comes just hours after the rock idol was cleared of eight counts of sexually assaulting a teenage fan nearly 20 years ago.

Solicitor Henri Brandman said Glitter would appeal against the sentence. He will be placed on the sex offenders register.

Reappearing at Bristol Crown Court, Glitter admitted 54 offences of downloading porn from the Internet dating between 3 January 1997 and 18 November 1997.

He replied "guilty" in a strong, clear voice after the first count was put to him and his voice became less clear with each subsequent charge.

The judge, Mr Justice Butterfield, described the pictures in Glitter's vast library as "filthy and revolting" and of the "worst possible type"….’



October 17th

‘So, Cliff Richard says he would consider ‘Youth in Asia’…has he learnt nothing from what happened to Gary Glitter? #doyouseewhatididthere’

David Nash @BrimfulofNasha


October 28th

Gary Glitter, former singer (real name Paul Gadd), is arrested over allegations of sexual offences dating back to 1977, as part of Operation Yewtree.


September 12th

‘Just Googled Rolf Harris and it suggests I also look up Jimmy Saville, Gary Glitter and Cliff Richard. Cliff must be a kiddy fiddler’

Miles @Miles_Tarbox


February 4th

‘My lunch companion’s opening gambit: “Did I ever tell you my Cliff Richard/ Gary Glitter story?” Er, no, but go on…’

Kevin O’Sullivan @TVKev
August 14th

‘Sir Cliff Richard's Berkshire property searched by police

No arrests have been made and Sir Cliff, 73, who is abroad, said the allegation was "completely false".

Police said the allegation involved a boy under 16.

The BBC understands it relates to an alleged sexual assault at a 1985 event where US preacher Billy Graham appeared at Bramall Lane, Sheffield.
The allegation is believed to have been reported to police recently.

The search in Sunningdale was carried out by South Yorkshire Police, which told the BBC it did not force entry to the property….’


‘Used to always get Gary Glitter & #cliffrichard mixed up, seems like there as similar as I’ve always thought!’

Helen @helenjanexx

‘Rolf Harris - Two little boys, Cliff Richard - The young ones, Gary Glitter - Do you wanna be in my gang. I’m seeing a pattern here anyone else.’

Darren @DARRENTX11

‘The BBC sez Sir Cliff Richard’s Berkshire property has been searched by police. Looking for Gary Glitter’s address?’

Joe Kohut @HerbLuscious

‘He couldn’t have done the things he’s been accused of because that night he was with Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter & Jimmy Saville #cliffrichard’

Seasick Steve @stevie28wonder

‘I don’t mean to cast aspersions until the facts are known, but Cliff Richard lived with Gary Glitter in the 60s. Just saying’

Conor @ConorMcGrace

August 15th

‘More people have come forward with information after Sir Cliff Richard's home was searched over an allegation of child sex abuse.

The singer's Berkshire penthouse was scoured for five hours yesterday by officers from South Yorkshire and Thames Valley Police as part of an investigation into an alleged sexual assault on a young boy at a religious event in 1985.

Sir Cliff, who was away in Portugal when the search took place, firmly denied any wrongdoing and hit out at the fact BBC journalists were apparently tipped off about the plan.
The broadcaster's head of newsgathering Jonathan Munro said today the information did not come from South Yorkshire Police.

In a statement, the force said: "When a media outlet contacted South Yorkshire Police with information about an investigation, we took the decision to work with them in order to protect the integrity of that investigation.

"Since the search took place a number of people have contacted the police to provide information and we must acknowledge that the media played a part in that, for which we are grateful." ’


October 31st

‘@ciabaudo @DailyMirror I heard, that many years ago cliff richard used to spend alot of time with gary glitter in Barbados’

(((H))) @trinitymandalay


February 27th

‘Good to see Gary glitter finally behind bars now go get cliff Richard’

Charl @fishy parrot
‘#CliffRichard Kitty planning a long holiday to Barbados for 16 years. Very upset about his pal #Glitter’

john collings @qeensdale

December 4th

‘cliff richard has millions of fans who say, cliff is not child sex abuser gary glitter had millions of fans suppose he isnt a child abuser?’

james reeves @reeves3915


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