Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Let's Junk The Term 'Junk Food'

'..Don't want to be told what to wear
As long as you're warm who cares
I want to be me
I want to be me
So what if I dye my hair?
I've still got a brain up there
And I'm going to be me
I'm going to be free...'

In the early-1980s, Toyah had a big hit single in Britain with a song called 'I Want To Be Free'. This was an extraordinary phenomenon in popular culture, insofar as it was a very successful song, performed with passion, that was calling for real personal freedom for every living person. For a brief period back then, Toyah Willcox was someone who existed in contrast to the general rule for pop stars and celebrities, who exhibited then and exhibit now a tendency towards the unquestioning endorsement of systematic control of varied sorts.

One of the coercive-type attempts at mass-behaviour control not addressed and opposed in the lyrics of 'I Want To Be Free' is this:

We, the people of Britain and other countries, are lectured to about what we should and should not eat by self-or-otherwise-appointed authority figures.

If someone has learned a lot about food and drink from the perspective of nutrition, there is no reason why they shouldn't talk or write about this subject. There is no reason why they shouldn't tell us the reasons why they feel especially well-qualified to communicate their knowledge of this subject.

The problems begin to encroach upon human affairs when such an individual becomes overly insistent or fanatical about what other people ought or ought not to be eating and drinking. The reasonable person informing others about matters of nutrition, as they see it, might refer to a type of food as having 'high nutritional value' or 'low nutritional value'. The unreasonable zealot-type will be inclined to talk or write about 'healthy food' and 'unhealthy food', and - as a commonly-wielded extremist alternative to the latter - 'junk food'.

Telling us about (millions of) people eating 'unhealthy food', or, even worse, 'junk food', the food zealot begins to resemble a despot. It is understandable that some of us who have the experience of being grossly patronised by them, call these nutritional authority figures: food fascists.

The food zealot, by employing the term 'junk food', is revealed, indirectly, as being a character who looks down on masses of their fellow human beings, considering them to be so stupid and inferior to the food zealot and their self-righteous allies, that they will repeatedly, and on many occasions eat food that is no more and no less than 'junk'.

The commonly known and understood meaning of 'junk' is of something that is to be thrown away, because it is of absolutely no value to us.

The food and drinks consumed by millions of us in Britain, and around the world that are arrogantly, quasi-despotically labelled as 'junk' by the likes of Jamie Oliver, are not really 'junk' at all.

Millions of us have experienced a great deal of enjoyment from the consumption of burgers, chips, Coca-Cola and the other comestibles that misguiding nutritional authority figures condemn as being junk.

Pleasure is a key function of human existence and human health. The pleasure we derive from the food and drinks we consume is a component of life that we have a natural-born right to claim as sacred and personal to ourselves.

No Jamie Oliver-type food fascist ought to be able to get away with imposing upon masses of other people - young or old - only what they consider to be worthy of consumption.

If we experience any particular comestible to be enjoyable and enriching to consume, then that food or drink is of significant value to us.

That food or drink is not and never will be 'junk'.  

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