Friday, June 12, 2015

Richard Hall On Alien Smoke-And-Mirrors

from International UFO Reporter (1994)

'..Today's alien visitors are depicted as diminutive, bald, cold, manipulating little bastards who would not likely win any popularity contests or take any Nobel prizes for preaching that there will be a better future for humanity if we only see the light and accept their philosophy. If we accept the standard.. story that emerges from reputable abduction case investigators, we are faced with beings who routinely practice what would be obvious crimes if adjudicated in human courts: kidnap, rape, unauthorized medical experimentation, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of justice...

...If the modern, cold, ugly, manipulative alien experiments are for real, why are they.. so hung up on our society, our remote and insignificant outpost in the universe? One possible answer that springs to mind is that we must have something that they want or need. Another is that perhaps, as Charles Fort suggested long ago, "we are property." We are a colony of beings they monitor and perhaps guide and protect, for unknown reasons...

...Most important of all, it is becoming clear that the aliens are playing a smoke-and-mirrors game with us on several levels. What you see may not be what you think you see. I view this as the most important, central issue of abduction research......'


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