Sunday, December 20, 2015

Kodachrome Experiment UFO Puritans

This year, I have been witness to the ravings of cranky, faux-virtuous zealots who vilify others who are perceived to be making money from the results of their UFO investigations.

There scarcely seems even to be the need among this crowd to have the care or decency to seriously question whether or not the persons they attack are making much more money from their commercial enterprise than they had previously paid out for their related investigations.

I have noted that some of these would-be models of propriety are apt to tar certain targeted individuals with the hate-label "huckster." Perhaps, they are jealous that the so-called "huckster" is more popular and financially successful than they are.

Maybe, these righteous characters are comparative "low-achievers" who feel compelled to attack, out of spite, those people with abilities that they - in their blighted insecurity - are doomed to never emulate. 

If we were to accept the illogical creed promulgated by these twerps, then, by extension, the most honourable and credible person to go to for knowledge about UFOs would have to be someone who is homeless and completely poverty-stricken, as a consequence of having devoted all their time and money to UFO research, without receiving any financial recompense, whatsoever.


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