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Cars or Chemtrails :
Which Does More Harm?

Part 3

Sonia Poulton

Sonia Poulton has a video on YouTube entitled -

Why does the Green Party not want to discuss geo-engineering?

Published on 29 June 2014 (with 5,235 views on 17/07/17), the clip lasts 1 minute 51 seconds. The description posted with it reads -

Journalist Sonia Poulton was happy when she, and cameraman Lee Ryan, came across Caroline Lucas in London. The broadcaster had a question for the former Green Party leader having previously watched a You Tube encounter with Lucas and activist Bob Truther. The response from Lucas proved surprising. Note how she points to the sky, for the benefit of her aide, as she walks off... This, to date, makes two Green Party leaders, including Natalie Bennett, who does not wish to discuss what is happening with our skies.

I don't know if there is any significant meaning to be found in the Caroline Lucas response to Sonia Poulton shown in this video. A search on-line, however, does reveal that Caroline Lucas has done a lot of work to practically deal with the undeniable, deadly problem of pollution caused by cars and other road vehicles. Here are some relevant sections of text from web pages dating from 2010 to 2015......

Caroline Lucas MP website statement: March 22nd 2010

'..The key suggestion of this paper, backed by Green, Labour and LibDem councillors, was to reduce traffic in the centre of town - something many Brighton residents agree is a crucial priority.

Lewes Road, for example, sees some 30 million cars pass through it each year, undermining air quality and contributing to noise pollution.

The Green Party is the only party who are serious about improving the quality of the air, and stopping the 50,000 deaths a year that occur as a result of air pollution - a toll which makes air pollution as harmful as passive smoking.'

MP Caroline Lucas Speaks Out On UK Pollution Problem: July 14th 2011

'Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP for Brighton and Hove has made an appeal this week for more to be done about the ignored issue of pollution in the UK. She condemned the government for continued inaction, despite a law suit being filed against us by the European Commission. Lucas revealed we are in the midst of a hidden health crisis with 1000s of immature deaths happening each year as a result of pollution. Health problems include asthma, lung capacity reduction and heart attacks...'

Green Party website article: May 1st 2012

'Lollipop men and women joined Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas MP and Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones in Lewisham on Tuesday to highlight London's air pollution problem - and the Mayor's deceptive efforts to cover it up...

..the campaign group Clean Air in London last week revealed that the capital had the highest levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a toxic gas, of any capital city in Europe in 2010...

The Green Party have issued a 6-minute video on the air pollution problem, entitled 'Air Pollution: A 21st Century Health Scandal'...'

MP unveils £250,000 air quality monitor in Brighton: December 21st 2015

'A new £250,000 'first of a kind' advanced air quality monitoring station was officially unveiled at the University of Brighton by local Green Party MP Caroline Lucas on Friday (December 18).

Installed at the University's Falmer campus, the monitoring station is reportedly the first in the UK dedicated to the detection of harmful, nano-sized particles and their gaseous precursors...


Ms Lucas, the MP for Brighton Pavilion, praised the University's "trailblazing research" and congratulated it for "breaking new ground and having real leadership".

She added: "What will come out of this research I hope will be more pressure on policy makers to take more action to reduce air pollution. I hope the university's research will accelerate moves to improve air quality and tackle this scourge on people's health."'......

Why is Sonia Poulton concerned about 'geo-engineering' and 'what is happening with our skies' to the extent of wanting to confront Caroline Lucas about it, yet apparently unconcerned about what is happening on the ground (the real happenings that Ms.Lucas is addressing)? Could it be that Sonia Poulton's direct involvement in what is happening on the ground requires her to divert attention away from this deadly problem that she, herself (a car driver), is contributing to. Hence, perhaps, she prefers to point her finger at a more distant problem that 'the government' is (allegedly) responsible for?

The government doesn't need to carry on a hidden campaign to poison the atmosphere. The public - millions of human beings on this planet - are willing to do the dirty work on their behalf, by driving cars and other road vehicles; using mobile phones; microwave ovens; Wi-Fi; cordless phones, etcetera. If the government are adding even more contamination in any way, then that is an issue to be highlighted and seriously considered; but, not at the expense of ever acknowledging that the vast bulk of the air quality problem is caused by millions of so-called 'ordinary people', who are keen to indulge in environmentally damaging activities, thereby colluding with big business elites.

When it comes to poisoning of the air, it is not 'the government' and 'chemtrails' that we should be directing most attention to when seeking to solve the problem, it is ourselves.

We are the ones who are 'systematically poisoning our world'.

We are the problem. 


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