Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Kodachrome Slides : Very Short Arms

'..The critter's arms don't appear to be long enough to scratch its ass without bending over... or asking a friend.

Below the small ribcage, there doesn't appear to be any digestive tracts or stomach. Therefore the proportionately large brain in that head is fuelled by psychic willpower and the lungs of a sparrow.

It's an alien.'

Kandinsky, February 9th 2015

[Source: The best image of the Kodachrome alien, so far (from Michael Mu)]

Six months after the BeWitness event, I received a package of UFO literature that I'd ordered from AFU Shop.

Reading through one of the periodicals in the package - the Winter 1977, Volume 6, no.4 edition of Awareness (a Contact (UK) publication) - I came across a report and basic sketch that were relevant to the unusual appearance of the figure in the two Kodachrome/Ray slides that had been the main subject of the BeWitness presentation, on May 5th.

The overall report by Jenny Randles is titled HIGH STRANGENESS ACTIVITY DURING THE U.K. WAVE OF 1977: UFOIN Progress Report no:2, and it takes up 3+ pages of the edition of Awareness:

May 18th 1977 New Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland
Investigated by Jenny Randles & Bryan Hartley

Two young girls near a housing estate heard a strange humming sound, which was also heard by other witnesses. Investigating further, they saw a disc-shaped object with a red light on top hovering over a fence by some woods. Near it on the ground, was a tall, thin-looking entity in a silvery suit with disproportionately short arms. The object subsequently took off in a stepped fashion, and disappeared. Ground traces were afterwards found in the woods close to where the object had hovered...

 The case was subsequently reported in much more detail in Flying Saucer Review Vol.23, No.4 (published January 1978), in an article by Jenny Randles, titled UFO AND ENTITY REPORTED FROM MORAYSHIRE.

In fact, I'd (probably) read this FSR article on more than one occasion during earlier years (pre-2015); but, my main interest had then been in the reported zigzag take-off of the craft, rather than the alien, or some other detail. Therefore, I'd not recalled the described physical appearance of the alien when the 2 Kodachrome/Ray creature photographs were released.

Here are the two paragraphs from Jenny Randles' second report that are most pertinent to the alien in this Scottish case, as observed by two 10-year-old girls - Karen McLennan and Fiona Morrison:

'..By the side of the object both girls insist that they saw a "man". He was hidden partially by the bushes but they were able to tell that he was tall and thin (it seems at least six feet in height) and seemed to be dressed all in silver. A vivid description from Karen was that he looked rather like a telegraph pole. (This means that the impression was that his arms were disproportionately short.)

Upon seeing this figure the girls became quite frightened. He then began to step out from the bushes and move towards them, and at this point they turned around and fled...'

From Jenny Randles' FSR report, specifically the witness statements, I infer that if there is any relationship between this tall, thin alien with very short arms and the Kodachrome/Ray/Mesa Verde figure - also, thin and with disproportionately short arms; but, very much shorter in height - then, this relationship is that of an adult to a child within a species.

Whether or not there is any such connection between the two figures, no one can now claim that aliens with very short arms had never been reported before 2015.

Anything is possible, it seems.


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