Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Can Flying Saucers Fall?

There have been numerous cases of people contacting UFO researchers, or otherwise making their concerns known regarding military events pertaining to unidentified aircraft from elsewhere falling calamitously to the ground.

Publications by Leonard Stringfield; Kevin Randle, and Ryan S. Wood - among others - bear testimony to just how many of these reported 'crash' cases there are.

Some people limit their attention to only one such event, commonly referred to as 'Roswell'. And, self-styled 'sceptics' infer within weasel words that 'Roswell' is already explained, or is a 'myth'. These committed naysayers tend to adopt the 'contain and explain' [CONEX] strategy - acted out along the lines of... "If the potential of alien reality can be limited to just certain cases, we can explain away these cases one by one, then convince the ignorant public that we have explained away everything. If 'Roswell' is by far the most prominent case, then by explaining away this behemoth, we will remove the 'UFO believers' best card and be well on our way to winning the game"....

CONEX have (seemingly) never seen anything utterly extraordinary in the sky. They start from a position of personal ignorance. We might hope that such ignorant people would be inclined to be modest and curious towards those of us who have witnessed 'UFOs'. Yet, this bunch of characters have no humility in regard to this subject. They do not recognise their personal ignorance; but, rather, prefer to see and portray themselves as being in a position of moral and intellectual superiority to the thousands of us who have really seen the unearthly phenomena. CONEX operate disrespectfully and with divisive intentions, yet wear a mask of superior humanity and intellect.

Among the arguments put forward on 'UFO crashes' is the claim that aliens, with far more advanced technology, would not fly over this planet in craft ('flying saucers' / 'spacecraft') that could fall to Earth.

It seems unlikely to me that any of those who make this sort of statement have ever seen a 'UFO' moving extremely fast, erratically around a limited a portion of the sky. Or, seen a 'UFO' zig-zagging at high speed, in an obviously intelligently-directed flight path, maintaining the same range of altitude as it does so, just above the rooftops of houses in the centre of a major city. 

The basic characteristics of my own sightings of that type are found in hundreds of other UFO reports from around the world. The vast conceit of the insidious CONEX faction is to tell us - the thousands of witnesses to extremely fast erratic and zig-zagging, intelligently-directed UFO flights - that they, CONEX, know better than we, the people who were there when the events proceeded, what was seen. I, for one, assert the basic truth that I KNOW BETTER THAN CONEX WHAT I SAW - THERE IS NO WAY FOR JOHNNY-COME-LATELY THEORISTS TO EXPLAIN IT AWAY. 

Reports of UFOs moving very fast downwards (towards the ground) many times compare the type of movement seen to a falling leaf. Some of these reports assert that the observers thought the object or craft (or whatever it was) looked like it was in trouble. In these cases (perhaps, quite rare), the viewers would have been in little doubt that the UFO they watched was in some sort of danger of falling to the ground.

Up to now, I've not made a special point of collecting the (possibly) few reports, which are within this narrow category; but, recently, reading 'UFOs Over Romania' by Dan D. Farcas, Ph.D., I came upon a very good example. To anyone with an open mind who wonders whether an alien craft could get into trouble and come down to Earth, I recommend reading the account of a 1980 sighting, with about 20 witnesses that is documented on pages 191-193 of the book.

I'll end this post with an excerpt from page 191 of 'UFOs Over Romania':

'Vasile Rudan... came out of the hotel, together with about 20 people who were staying there. The big UFO was orange with the shape of a truncated cone with the base facing upwards... On the right, above a hill, at about 2 kilometres distance, was a lenticular orange UFO which appeared to be in some sort of difficulty. It descended toward the hill, oscillating like a leaf falling from a tree. When it was about to crash into the hill, suddenly its orange light became much more intense; the object then rose vertically, remained stationary at a fixed point a few moments and then began to fall again toward the edge of the hill....'