Friday, September 25, 2015

Alien Puzzle Theory

'..In setting these facts down, I am reminded once more of my good friend's remark when he said "You might be in the position of a man examining the steam from a kettle without having the slightest idea of the latent heat which produces it." And again later, when reviewing this text another friend said "You seem to have covered most everything, except how to push the button!" No, as I said in the foreword of this book, such know-how is very much beyond my ken, but I think I have kept my promise in so far that you the reader, have been shown many, many clues. Would you really care to have the responsibility of finding that button? I wonder. For my part I am content to have offered this little piece for an exciting jig-saw...'

Leonard G. Cramp Piece for a jig-saw, 1966.

'You, the people with open minds, will see a puzzle come to life.'

Xerxes, 1975.

'They - have things - in control. - They - are - in - the heavens. - They - have - powers. - They - can make - you - think - one thing - and yet - mean - another...

...That - which has been given to you - seek - search. We - shall - help - reveal - certain - pieces - of - the - puzzle - will - be- fitted. - Try - to - understand - yourselves. - Seek - spiritually. - Seek. - Doors - have - been - left - open - to - you. - The great door - shall guide...'

Betty Andreasson hypnosis session, 1977.

'Gary Lambert.. said that if you're interested in something enough to investigate it as he has, you will find a pattern to it all. "It comes like a code, a coded message, sort of like a display that you see that represents a story. I consider it to be a symbolic logic, which I had some courses in at the University of Nebraska... These classes, which represented analogy and logic, were helpers for me to try and figure out what this is all about," he said...

If you see a UFO you might think it was by chance but Gary says the sightings aren't random. They select some person because of the symbols needed to convey their message. "They select the situation needed to convey their message. The message is repeated. For instance, if we were to send a probe somewhere and we wanted to send a message in that probe we would make the probe so it repeated itself continually so there would be a pattern there that they could pick up on. Eventually, they would learn to decipher the message and they would gain some knowledge from the probe. This is the same kind of thing we have from UFOs. They give symbols which repeat themselves enough so you realize it wasn't a coincidence...

You can also look at it another way. Let's say they are trying to describe the picture of a flower. One message they send might be petal, petal, petal. Another may be stem, stem, stem, and still another root, root, root. Singly, they don't mean much but when you put them together they describe a flower..." '

Mosinee Times Gary Lambert: He Believes UFO's Exist Around Us, 1981.

'..The theory is that the "aliens" (or some of them) are more advanced forms of intelligence than we are, and that they are giving many individuals on this planet information about us, them and life in general. The experience and gained knowledge of the individual human contacted in this way is transmitted to them with the awareness that it can be put together with the knowledge gained by a great many other experiencers to ultimately create a complete picture or true understanding that will solve the "UFO mystery"..'

Daniel Transit MEDIA DISTORTION - Missing Pieces of The UFO-Alien Puzzle, 2004.

'..Many riddles will be given... Those that are wise will understand... Those that seek will find... They must remain hidden in this way because of the corruption - the corruption that is upon the earth...

...He says that he has had others here... many others have locked within their minds, secrets... He is locking within my mind certain secrets... They will be revealed when the time is right...'

Telepathic message from alien entity, identified as Quazgaa, communicated by Betty Andreasson, 1977.