Wednesday, January 08, 2014

David Icke : The Partial Voice

If David Icke, perhaps, doesn't present himself as someone who 'has all the answers', as a poster on his forum has written today, then he does, I feel, present the quasi-authoritarian persona of a provider of the vast majority of the information that the people of this world most need. 

To me, the belief that anyone could get most of the knowledge they truly need from David Icke, is more irrational and worthy of highlighting as such, than his statements about the existence of shape-shifting reptilians.

To me, it is conceivable that there might be reptilian creatures that hide within a human form; but, it is inconceivable that David Icke is an overarching repository for the most vitally significant knowledge available on the planet... which is, more or less, the way he relentlessly portrays himself to be, in the various modes of communication he employs.

A big problem is apparent to me:

There is a large area of knowledge that has not been put out there by David Icke, during the many years he has conveyed the strong impression of himself as being the person at the leading edge of explaining the 'human condition' etc. This knowledge he ignores is as important, I feel, as any of the information he speaks about and publishes.

Many of the people who follow him, i.e. pay money for his products, seem not to be aware that they might not be getting the majority of key knowledge regarding Humanity and the Universe.

Is it not possible that many people support David Icke, because they do not really want 'all the answers'. 

Is it not possible that David Icke gives such supporters a safe level of answers that they can quite comfortably assimilate, allowing them to exist in the delusional confidence that most of what they need to know is now either known, or going to be made known to them by their hard-working, persuasive figurehead.

It seems to me that the true situation is:

David Icke does not have most of the information any human being truly needs to acquire, and there is no very good reason to think that he ever will.

David Icke doesn't want to see the whole picture and nor do his audience.

They are united together in a conspiracy of partial knowledge and huge, gaping, unremitting, unacknowledged ignorance.