Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kodachrome Slides |:| Fiasco Follies

The Kodachrome Slides, perhaps all photographs taken by and owned by Bernard and Hilda Ray, needed to be dismissed as absolutely uninteresting and valueless by certain people. These certain people came to resemble a pack of hounds, baying for blood as the days and weeks of attention upon the matter elapsed.

The pack of slides-negators had to seem justified with their extended, passionate interest in the K-Ray Slides, while, at the same time, conveying the impression that these slides were of no interest at all!

How was this trick achieved? By a sleight of mind, whereby it was somehow made to seem credible that artefacts and events could be of no interest at all, and yet, at the same time, by their continued existence, represent a terrible blow to the credibility and progress of the area of human activity identified variously by the names of "UFO research" / "Ufology" / "UFO Community" (etc.).

It seems that the paranoia of the Slides-haters prevented them from individually engaging with what was occurring in a more-or-less realistic manner. The paranoia of the individual met the paranoia of the other individuals fomenting a quite hysterical ambience. This hysteria required the pointing of fingers at villains and absurdly speculative doom-laden pronouncements, based upon nothing more dangerous than a few slide photographs.

If there was nothing of significance on the photographs, then any reasonable person would be inclined to walk away from the situation to concentrate on more worthwhile activities. But the paranoid pack couldn't just go away. Why not?

Presenting feverishly distorted views of the content of the K-Ray Slides, the BeWitness event and related matters, someone among the rabble came up with the buzzword "FIASCO", which was latched onto by the other intellectual hounds.

Fiasco was the * ultra-ideal * single-word-distillation of their own slides-hating follies artlessly, repetitively projected as a would-be dismissal of everything that they were so paranoid about.