Monday, August 05, 2013

Marilyn Monroe And John Myers : Piece Of A Cosmic Puzzle

'There were more pills, more potential betrayers, more intrigue... Mom confided "..I've never seen her like this, pulled in so many directions. She's running to psychics, afraid that the Mafia is after her, that all her friends are using her, and yet she has other times when she's very clear and nothing seems to be wrong."...' Susan Strasberg on Marilyn Monroe

In 2011, I obtained some back issues of Search magazine, from an eBay auction. In the February 1966 issue, there was a review, by Sylvia Smallwood, of a book by Maurice Barbanell, entitled He Walks In Two Worlds - The Story of John Myers. The part of this book review, which interested me, is found in the 3rd paragraph:

'..You'll sit up on the edge of your chair while you read the fascinating account of how Dr.Myers found his way to New York, changed his profession and became a magnate of American Industry. All through these years he has used his many psychic talents to help those in need. His special gift became that of healing physical ailments after all else failed. He gave special healings to Marilyn Monroe while she lived and cautioned her against the use of drugs by sleeping potions. Since her passing, Marilyn has appeared to Dr.Myers and has given a detailed explanation of her shocking demise...'

More than two years later, I managed to get a low-priced copy of the book, and on May 21st 2013, read chapter seventeen (pages 146-150), in which John Myers' experiences with Marilyn Monroe are detailed. Weeks later, I checked for an entry on John Myers in the book The Unabridged Marilyn by Randall Riese & Neal Hitchens, finding this information:

'In 1960, Marilyn Monroe posed for a portrait by oral surgeon/artist Dr.John Myers. Myers depicted MM as a "modern Mona Lisa". Following Marilyn's death and the opening of After The Fall (1964), Dr.Myers attacked Arthur Miller in the press, stating that: "Arthur Miller's conscience will plague him for the rest of his days. No writer has so fully and completely violated the rules of fair play and decency."'

Here are excerpts from chapter 17 of He Walks In Two Worlds - The Story of John Myers:

'Marilyn had lived just round the corner from his apartment in New York City and they also had neighbouring houses in Connecticut. He had given her healing and had painted her portrait, which he called "the modern Mona Lisa", and which was awarded a prize at a UNICEF exhibition at the United Nations.. ..She was delighted with the finished portrait.. ..After its exhibition Myers placed it in the special room which he utilizes solely for his healing. Soon after her passing there were strange happenings in this room. They began when the light he always leaves on was extinguished of its own accord - nobody had entered the room. He also found inside this locked room a written note for which he could not account...'   

We now have three documented cases of lights being extinguished/going out following on from the deaths of famous people. 

These are -

1) MARILYN MONROE / 1962 : John Myers, a notable acquaintance of Ms.Monroe, reports that after her death a light became extinguished in a locked "special room" containing his portrait of her.

2) DOROTHY KILGALLEN / 1965 : After the death of Dorothy Kilgallen, there was a big power blackout affecting New York, where she had lived and died. 

3) ELVIS PRESLEY / 1977 : Linda Thompson, long-term partner of Elvis Presley, reports that shortly before she left to attend Elvis' funeral, in Memphis, the lights unaccountably went out in her Los Angeles apartment. Linda spoke about this occurrence during a TV interview with Larry King, and it is mentioned in a book by her friend, Jeanne LeMay Dumas. 

Taking much other information into account, including the substantial documentation that exists on possible links between UFOs and power cuts/blackouts, these three reported events seem to me to very much be worthy of consideration, as perhaps symptomatic or signalling of alien involvement in our world.