Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A $Priceless Question - What If Howard Menger Told The Truth?

Question... How are the visitors trying to raise the mass consciousness of the people?

Answer... By various methods such as:

a. Dissemination of saucer research data.

b. Stories of contacts with their own.

c. Their signs in the sky.

d. Mechanically by means of mental capsulation, and machines. Mental capsulation can be projected by sound, color, vibration. A high frequency sound can be a mental capsulation; a song or a selection of music can be a mental capsulation.

Music in the form of a mental capsulation helps "push certain buttons" in the mind and releases something which is there. However, because of the way we eat, think, and act on this third dimensional planet, this knowingness is held dormant, sometimes through several lifetimes. Nevertheless, God's laws shall prevail, and those who are due this release toward an awareness will have it when the time in the cycle of expression of this planet is ripe.

The machines which send out super-sonic high frequency sounds use a man's body as a terminal in conjunction with the mental capsulation. There are three terminal bodies in each state. The machines now operate on a silent carrier wave.

Howard Menger 'Questions and Answers About Flying Saucers' in From Outer Space To You (Saucerian Books, 1959)


"I physically was at a very real UFO incident, but I was too young to remember anything about it. It's only been recounted to me. But that's pretty intriguing. And, it's pretty weird that... I was reading some UFO magazine a few months ago about this Peruvian guy who had some big UFO organisation down in South America, and he refers to the UFOs, the ships, as manta rays. And I've written two songs using manta rays as an image for UFOs, and I'd never read that before. Then I was reading one of those goofball books about Area 51, the airforce base in Nevada where they supposedly have the alien bodies and ships on ice. I read in this book that it's known in UFO circles as 'The Ranch', and I've got this song called "The Happening" where the opening line goes "They got a ranch called number 51", and I'd never heard this place referred to as The Ranch.

I know they're stoopid coincidences that don't really amount to a lot, but a grin can't help but crawl across your face. It's kind of fun to think 'Well, gee! They're f----in' with my mind, man! I know! Down deep, subconsciously, I know!' "

Black Francis (The Pixies), New Musical Express, October 5th 1991