Monday, March 13, 2017


Robert Maxwell, Dr. Theodore von Karman, AGARD and Flying Saucers

By Daniel Transit and Eris Andys

Issue 8 of the British Magazine UFO Reality, published in the summer of 1997, includes a three page article entitled 'The Agard Report'. The writer of the article was a woman named Eris Andys, who, according to an on-line source, was born in 1947 and died in 2004. 

The article is subtitled 'NATO Hardcopy Revelations' and 'An Assessment of Bob Dean's ASSESSMENT'.

Eris Andys explains that 'the original Estimate of The Situation Report' ultimately determined that 'UFOs are of an Extraterrestrial nature, and a threat to national security'. She further states that:

'The man in charge of the report's generation was Dr. Theodore von Karman, a physicist and Secretary of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. His is an important name to remember when we recall that NATO began in 1949 - we have always been led to believe that this treaty had been a response to a threat of world communist domination...

The U.S. Air Material Command (AMC).. gave the study of the discs an Above Top Secret security classification and code name. A project was set up to gather technical data from all over the world...' 

Eris Andys maintains that this partly clandestine project, which sought information '..regarding the propulsion system of the aircraft' was 'bumped up to NATO under the watchful eye of Dr. Theodore von Karman'.

We are now almost one page through the content of the 1997 magazine article and for the purposes of this post, I will refrain from quoting - among other matters - the writer's comments on Bob Dean's claims of seeing a document called 'The Assessment', as well as her thoughts on Bob Lazar.

Eris Andys refers in comparatively greater detail to a hardback book she had got from the estate of a scientist, which is titled 'BIBLIOGRAPHY I. Enlarged Edition. MAGNETO-FLUID-DYNAMICS'. Two sample pages of this bibliography are reproduced on the third page of her article, and the title page of the book is in the top-right corner of the second page (curiously, the names of the two people who edited 'Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics' have had their names blacked out in this reproduction of the title page).

Here's some more of Eris Andys' article:

'NATO had its finger on the pulse of every high-level research facility there was in all of the countries in the NATO alliance. The big surprise is that NATO had the full cooperation of the USSR as well. And who was the liaison? It was none other than Robert Maxwell. Yes, this was what he'd been up to. His having shuttled back and forth between British and Russian Intelligence had been the tip of the iceberg.

It was Maxwell's publishing company (Pergamon Press) which had been the conduit for the AGARD (Advisory Group for Aeronautical Research and Development) NATO study... The foreword was written by... Dr. Theodore von Karman.

The propulsion system under research was/is one based upon Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics (MFD)... MFD is the science which studies the interaction between flow fields of conducting fluids and electromagnetic fields, simply put. And it's the sort of research which can put an aircraft out of place with gravity...

It is by far one of the most important collections of arcane research into exotic propulsion ever done...

The suddenly enhanced interest in MFD... during the early '50s - which is still highly advanced today - the involvement of NATO at inception with its incredible reports, its special conventions and meetings all over the globe, gives the game away...'

Eris Andys then goes into some detail regarding Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics, supporting her contention that:

'MFD is not wholly a terrestrial science'...

She further claims of the Bibliography:

'Without doubt, the AGARD report is the Old Testament of UFO propulsion research'...   

As a specific summary, here are some basic details of the book, which Eris Andys considered to be so very significant -

It is a 251-page hardback book whose main title is MAGNETO-FLUID-DYNAMICS. Identified further, above that on the title page as being AGARD BIBLIOGRAPHY I Enlarged Edition. It includes Current Papers and Abstracts, and is published for and on behalf of ADVISORY GROUP FOR AERONAUTICAL RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION. The book was published in 1962, by PERGAMON PRESS, which maintained addresses in Oxford, London, New York, Washington D.C., Paris and Frankfurt. The single-page Foreword was written by Theodore von Karman, and the Introduction is by the book's editors.

'After the war he used various contacts in the Allied occupation to go into business, becoming the British and United States distributor for Springer Verlag, a publisher of scientific books. In 1951 he bought three quarters of Butterworth-Springer, a minor publisher; the remaining quarter was held by the experienced scientific editor Paul Rosbaud. They changed the name of the company to Pergamon Press and rapidly built it into a major publishing house...'

Robert Maxwell ~ Wikipedia

Aside from publishing the Magneto-Fluid-Dynamics bibliography and numerous other AGARD-related books, Pergamon/Robert Maxwell also brought out a book by Theodore von Karman, in 1963, entitled 'From Low-Speed Aerodynamics to Astronautics'.

Many other books published by Pergamon Press dealt with the moon and outer space. These included proceedings of lunar science conferences and a translation of a 1960 Russian book, titled in its 1961 Pergamon edition, 'Atlas of the Other Side of the Moon':

'On 4th October 1959 the Soviet Union successfully launched the third cosmic rocket. The rocket placed an interplanetary station in orbit around the Moon for the first time in history. In this way the first photographs of the other side of the Moon were received in the Soviet Union'.