Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Get On In Life Man Is Here

Work hard
get on in life
Do the right thing
get on in life

We'll support you
get on
get on
get on in life

Global race
get on in life
One nation
get on in life

We'll get behind you
get on
get on
get on in life

Hard work
get on in life
get on in life
get on in life

We will help you
get on
get on
get on in life

Make yourself something
get on in life
Compete with the world
get on in life

We're on your side
get on
get on families
get on
get on business
get on
get on young people
get on in life
get on
get on
get on in life

Hard-working people in the global race
You must set the pace
Help economic growth
and leave behind sloth
Top speed, more haste
No time to waste
Get on in life!
Get on in life!

I am the robot right-wing man
with a big, bad expensive plan
Hard-working people in the global race
Competing relentlessly, really tough
through and through
We're backing you
when you get on
get on
get on
get on in life

Friday, May 06, 2016

Roswell :

Robert O. Anderson
and Corning Glass 2

'Government business is the toughest, most undesirable, highest risk and lowest margin business facing Corning. It is a business, involving its own mores, accounting, legal, selling methods, etc. More and more it is developing political overtones...'

The United States Government and Corning, 1958-1963-1968

'We'll build a glass asylum, with just a hint of mayhem...'

David Bowie Big Brother

A comment on a post on  A Different Perspective reminded me of the Bob Oechsler / Debby Regimenti MUFON report. This comment is now deleted, but my response to it is still there.

I re-read parts of THE CHESAPEAKE CONNECTION : AN IMPLICATION OF CORPORATE INVOLVEMENT IN THE COVER-UP, including information relating to Corning Glass... then, found the Corning Glass Website and a promotional video. I didn't get a positive impression from the video, and, reading some of the comments from other viewers, saw that I wasn't alone in lacking enthusiasm for the vision of the future that was presented.

Not long afterwards, I was reading through back issues of the newsletter Little Listening Post, which can be obtained via the Center for UFO Studies website. This part of Volume 4 Number 3 [June-August 1957] got my attention:

Active soon... New substance Pyroceram, "may bring space travel closer - lighter than aluminium, stronger than steel, can be heated to 1700 degrees then plunged into ice water without harm"...

Looking on-line for more information about Pyroceram, I was interested to find out that it was developed in the 1950s by Corning Glass Works

Here are excerpts from New York press articles that reveal some of the basic details pertaining to the character and development of Pyroceram:

New Wonder Product Shown
At Corning Glass Conference

CORNING - Pyroceram, a new wonder material, developed by Corning Glass Works, was revealed to the public yesterday at an all-day press conference in "Glass Park", attended by some 200 representatives of the newspaper, magazine, television and radio world.

Lighter than aluminium, harder than carbon steel, nine times stronger than glass with great electrical insulating ability, chemical durability and high formability, it also has high deformation temperature and great thermal shock resistance. "No other material possesses this combination of desirable properties," Glass Works President William Decker said.

More than 400 Varieties

More than 400 different pyroceram compositions have been developed at Corning's research laboratories, opened to the public yesterday for the first time since construction was completed early this year.

The first commercial use of Pyroceram will be for the tip of a guided missile radome, the nose that protects the sensitive directional instruments. It will withstand the heat and stress created by the supersonic speed of the missiles...

The entire family of new materials was invented by Dr. S. Donald Stookey, manager of the Fundamental Chemical Research Department...

Steuben Advocate, May 24th 1957

Earth Satellite to Use New Substance

Substitute for Glass,
Steel, Aluminium Found


CORNING, N.Y. (AP) - A research chemist has developed a new range of basic materials that start out as glass but wind up as a radically different substance.

They're harder than steel, lighter than aluminium and 15 times as strong as plate glass. Pyroceram, as the new substance was named, can be manufactured opaque or transparent, milky-white or any color you please.

The  non-porous substance was tabbed immediately for radomes, the nose cones that protect the delicate directional instruments of guided missiles.

The creator of Pyroceram is Dr. S. Donald Stookey, manager of the fundamental chemical research department of the Corning Glass Works. The company announced Stookey's discovery yesterday...

Jamestown Post-Journal, May 24th 1957

Beats Steel, Aluminium in Some Ways

Scientist Creates Fantastic New Substance

..Company scientists said the product represented one of the greatest technological advances in glass research since the discovery of heat resistant, non-corrosive glass in the early 1900's...

Pyroceram's lightness, toughness and resistance to the sudden high temperatures experienced by missiles at supersonic speeds immediately made it a logical candidate for radomes.

"It is the best material we know of today for solving the radomes problems at such terrific speeds," said Dr. William Shaver, manager of atomic energy research and consumer products development...

Buffalo Courier-Express, May 24th 1957


Chemist Develops New Materials from Glass

...Yesterday's announcement marked the opening of a four-day celebration, marking completion of a Corning research and administration center...

Endicott Daily Bulletin, May 24th 1957

Corning Glass Opens New Horizons

'Wonder' Materials unveiled

...Secret Key Ingredient

Dr. Shaver indicated the key to the manufacture of Pyroceram is "nucleating agents". He explained that glass is composed of a disordered arrangement of atoms. Pyroceram, on the other hand, contains atoms which are uniformly grouped in clusters, much like sugar crystal formation in jelly.

The company said it is not at liberty to disclose what "nucleating agents" are used...

William C. Decker, president of the firm, said Pyroceram "is so new that we have had almost no time for product development."

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, May 24th 1957

Pyroceram, New Wonder - An Editorial

...Already it is found that pyroceram is excellent for the radomes of guided missiles. It protects the sensitive directional instruments and will not disintegrate like metal noses do, in the friction of supersonic speed. Its "stone" characteristics may make it adaptable for many architectural uses. It also has great potential possibilities as a substitute for aircraft materials, and should result in lighter planes with greater strength in their bodies.

Corning Glass Works is indeed on the threshold of the greatest expansion since its organization 106 years ago. Investors opinion mirrored by the New York Stock Exchange transactions Friday pushed the stock of the company up 20 points the first day following the announcement of the new product. All industrial eyes are on CGW. A great business and research drama is unfolding.

Steuben Advocate, May 28th 1957

...Now under test by the government, Pyroceram radomes may be the answer to one of the missile scientists' most vexing problems - how to withstand sudden temperature changes in space flight.

Brooklyn Daily, June 28th 1957



made of a brand new Pyroceram space-age material that combines unheard of strength with great beauty

...Because Corning Table Ware is made of Pyroceram, it stays shining, washes easily, by hand or in a dishwasher. Made of the world's newest space-age material, it's made in today's modern shapes and sizes...

Full-page advert in Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, 1961 [offered for sale: dinner plates; salad plates; covered bowls; saucepans; percolator; teapot; cups and saucers]