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Roswell :

Edward U. Condon
and Corning Glass

All quotations in this post are from THE GENERATIONS OF CORNING by Davis Dyer and Daniel Gross *

In 1952... '..Having established contacts with the military during World War II, Corning continued to respond to the requests and demands of the Cold War military. The Air Force needed huge, homogeneous optical glass castings for use in aerial and space photography and for wind tunnels. After signing contracts with the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, Corning constructed several gigantic pieces of glass, the largest of which were fifty-two inches in diameter and eight inches thick...

In these years, as during the war, there was a symbiotic relationship between Corning and certain branches of the military. In direct contrast to the World War II period, in which the relationship helped spur Corning's sales and allowed it to build new plants.. the postwar relationship brought several complicating factors. Inevitably, government work was politicized...'

Under the heading 'The Condon Affair' (pgs. 228-232), Edward Condon's link to Corning is detailed. He is described as a 'victim' of 'the domestic hunt for communists' carried out by 'Wisconsin senator Joseph McCarthy' in the early-1950s, and referred to as having held the position of 'Corning's research director...':

'Condon, a brilliant and controversial theoretical physicist, was hired in 1951 to succeed Jesse Littleton as research director.. During World War II, he worked on uranium fission with J. Robert Oppenheimer and in 1943 became Oppenheimer's associate director at the secret Los Alamos lab. He spent the latter months of the war heading the theoretical physics division of the radiation lab at Berkeley...

..when he joined Corning.. he focused more on matters of science than politics.. Condon felt that the company wasn't investing enough in fundamental research. At Westinghouse he had established research fellowships to allow young scientists to work on problems of their own choosing. He quickly set up a similar program at Corning and began to agitate for new and larger laboratory space.

Soon after Condon joined Corning in October 1951, however, Navy security officers in Buffalo insisted that Condon undergo another clearance process. After all, Corning was engaged in work on massive glass and other sensitive projects...'

A lengthy investigation was pursued into Edward Condon, started in early-1952... '..more than 1,000 pounds of his papers and documents..' were seized, and he was... '..repeatedly badgered.. about friends and associates...' (communist suspects):

'Accepting the navy's unwillingness to grant Condon clearance, the company in April 1952 named a colleague to supervise business details of classified work...

On April 5 and 6, 1954.. Condon submitted to yet another two-day hearing in New York City before the EIPSB. Three month's later, it finally rendered a favorable verdict.  Despite the outcome, Condon seemed somewhat distracted. In September 1954, according to (Eugene) Sullivan, (William C.) Decker was "..concerned over Condon not knowing what was going on when a certain laboratory project was mentioned - something [another colleague, illegible] had talked about with Condon a few days [earlier]."

Condon's clearance was made public on October 19, 1954. Two days later, however, Navy Secretary Charles Thomas again suspended Condon's clearance and asked EIPSB to investigate.. again.. Vice President Richard Nixon.. claimed credit for the reversal.. (Navy Secretary) Thomas told Decker that Corning would get no classified business as long as Condon was research director...

..Condon finally resigned from Corning just before Christmas.. He moved to Berkeley, consulted for Corning, and went on to teach at Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Colorado. Condon died in 1974...'

All quotations from THE GENERATIONS OF CORNING : The Life and Times of A Global Corporation by DAVIS DYER & DANIEL GROSS (Oxford University Press, 2001) *  

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Paul Kinder deletes 'conspiracy theorists' views on the reported death of a 'conspiracy theorist' Rock Star

On June 5th, at 11.27pm, Paul Kinder, owner of the David Bowie Wonderworld Message Board started a thread, as a 'sticky' (then), with this statement:

As you are all aware...

People... just making sure that you are all aware that ANYONE can read everything on this board without being a member or logging in?

Conspiracy theorists... you do not think that any of his family and friends who read these type of comments would be incredibly upset and annoyed at reading them?

The bullying and name-calling posts are just simply embarrassing. Grow the fuck up.

I am only going to delete them, so there's no point whatsoever.

It was quite funny to read Mr.Kinder refer to 'conspiracy theorists' in such a way as to give the impression that the people he's labelling in this way are an entirely different-thinking bunch of people to David Bowie, and his family and friends. In reality, it is hardly surprising that David Bowie would attract 'conspiracy theorists' as he was just as much one of them as anyone currently posting on the Bowie Wonderworld Message Board!.........

Speaking to Roy Hollingworth, in 1973, he seemed to think he had worked out who was running the world:

"You see Roy, I've gone through a lot of changes... A whole lot of changes. It's all happened on my way back from Japan. You see Roy. I've seen life, and I think I know who's controlling this damned world.

And after what I've seen of the state of this world, I've never been so damned scared in my life."

And, around the end of 1974, he told another journalist, Bruno Stein:

"I used to work for two guys who put out a UFO magazine in England... About six years ago. And made sightings six, seven times a night for about a year when I was in the observatory. We had regular cruises that came over. We knew the 6.15 was coming in and would meet up with another one. And then they would be stationary for about half an hour, and then after verifying what they'd been doing that day, they'd shoot off.

But I mean, it's what you do with the information. We never used to tell anybody. It was beautifully dissipated when it got to the media. Media control is still based in the main on cultural manipulation. It's just so easy to do. When you set up one set of objectives toward the public and you've given them a certain definition for each code word, you hit them with the various code words and they're not going to believe anything if you don't want them to...."

Especially during the 1970s, David Bowie was given to making 'conspiracy theorist' statements regarding rock music, the world and beyond:

According to biographer, Christopher Sandford - '..For years, whenever he walked home from Beckenham Junction, he complained of a "buzzing in the head" caused by the Crystal Palace transmitter, whose pulsing red lights were "fucking up my mind"...'

He believed in a race of Supermen - homo superior - whose arrival was fully expected, if not imminent (a belief conveyed lyrically in the song 'Oh! You Pretty Things').

Extraterrestrials were surveying our planet and had crash-landed.

He thought that rock music was "letting in lower elements and shadows"... Who or what exactly they were (are) and how they related to people, or extraterrestrials / homo superior, or the pulsing red lights of the Crystal Palace transmitter, who knows?

It seems that throughout the 1970s and later, there was not a single interviewer of Bowie who was sufficiently fascinated by the 'conspiracy theorist' statements that he made to seriously engage with them to a substantial extent.

Hence, we are only left with pieces of a 'conspiracy theorist Bowie' puzzle, and, unless a major part of this puzzle has been left behind currently hidden away somewhere, waiting to be discovered, it seems that all of these pieces put together will remain insufficient to complete what will continue to be perceived by myself and some others as being a highly enigmatic picture, with global and cosmic implications.

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Let's Junk The Term 'Junk Food'

'..Don't want to be told what to wear
As long as you're warm who cares
I want to be me
I want to be me
So what if I dye my hair?
I've still got a brain up there
And I'm going to be me
I'm going to be free...'

In the early-1980s, Toyah had a big hit single in Britain with a song called 'I Want To Be Free'. This was an extraordinary phenomenon in popular culture, insofar as it was a very successful song, performed with passion, that was calling for real personal freedom for every living person. For a brief period back then, Toyah Willcox was someone who existed in contrast to the general rule for pop stars and celebrities, who exhibited then and exhibit now a tendency towards the unquestioning endorsement of systematic control of varied sorts.

One of the coercive-type attempts at mass-behaviour control not addressed and opposed in the lyrics of 'I Want To Be Free' is this:

We, the people of Britain and other countries, are lectured to about what we should and should not eat by self-or-otherwise-appointed authority figures.

If someone has learned a lot about food and drink from the perspective of nutrition, there is no reason why they shouldn't talk or write about this subject. There is no reason why they shouldn't tell us the reasons why they feel especially well-qualified to communicate their knowledge of this subject.

The problems begin to encroach upon human affairs when such an individual becomes overly insistent or fanatical about what other people ought or ought not to be eating and drinking. The reasonable person informing others about matters of nutrition, as they see it, might refer to a type of food as having 'high nutritional value' or 'low nutritional value'. The unreasonable zealot-type will be inclined to talk or write about 'healthy food' and 'unhealthy food', and - as a commonly-wielded extremist alternative to the latter - 'junk food'.

Telling us about (millions of) people eating 'unhealthy food', or, even worse, 'junk food', the food zealot begins to resemble a despot. It is understandable that some of us who have the experience of being grossly patronised by them, call these nutritional authority figures: food fascists.

The food zealot, by employing the term 'junk food', is revealed, indirectly, as being a character who looks down on masses of their fellow human beings, considering them to be so stupid and inferior to the food zealot and their self-righteous allies, that they will repeatedly, and on many occasions eat food that is no more and no less than 'junk'.

The commonly known and understood meaning of 'junk' is of something that is to be thrown away, because it is of absolutely no value to us.

The food and drinks consumed by millions of us in Britain, and around the world that are arrogantly, quasi-despotically labelled as 'junk' by the likes of Jamie Oliver, are not really 'junk' at all.

Millions of us have experienced a great deal of enjoyment from the consumption of burgers, chips, Coca-Cola and the other comestibles that misguiding nutritional authority figures condemn as being junk.

Pleasure is a key function of human existence and human health. The pleasure we derive from the food and drinks we consume is a component of life that we have a natural-born right to claim as sacred and personal to ourselves.

No Jamie Oliver-type food fascist ought to be able to get away with imposing upon masses of other people - young or old - only what they consider to be worthy of consumption.

If we experience any particular comestible to be enjoyable and enriching to consume, then that food or drink is of significant value to us.

That food or drink is not and never will be 'junk'.  

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