Friday, June 06, 2014

There's no equality in taking offence 2

'All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others...' George Orwell, 1945.

Facts ought to be faced: there are many people operating within human society who are not only offensive to specifiable, sanctified minority groups (smigs), but to all human beings of sensitivity and intelligence.

One of the places where ghastly, freakishly soulless characters congregate in extremely disproportionately high numbers is in radio advertising. Listen to the adverts broadcast on the London-based radio station, LBC, for example, and you will hear the worst of the worst in human creativity. You will hear 'men' and 'women' speaking at you with utter contempt for your intelligence and general reasoning abilities.

I find it hard to work out whether these grotesque, rampantly insulting voice-over merchants have sold their souls in order to engage in their promotions that are so contemptuous of all decent human sensibility and aspiration, or, whether they are actually non-human, soulless creatures, who have, perhaps, been created in some sort of quasi-demonic laboratory.

These monstrously fake and disrespectful characters are often accompanied in their acts of malign rhetoric by the type of insidious 'music' that I imagine is likely to be composed by a prominent figure within a cult that practices intensive mind control upon its members.

One radio advert, in particular, will serve as an example of how unbalanced we are, in Britain, when it comes to opposing offensive material, in the media. The advert began with a 'man' asking, in an extremely conceited, condescending voice: "What possible rhyme or reason is there to your spelling?" The arrogant male voice then carried on with a sort of sales pitch having to do with a device you could buy, if you were not good at spelling.

Imagine, if an advertiser had produced an advert that was similar in every way to this creative abomination, with the sole exception of adding the name of a category of sanctified minority group after the word "spelling" in the question at the start, i.e.: "What possible rhyme or reason is there to your spelling, (smig)?" ..spoken in the same ugly tone of voice, conveying a mindset of complacent superiority. Such an advertisement would never have been broadcast on the radio. Not one single time. Yet, this advert, in the form that it was allowed to be aired, was grossly offensive to all human beings who were listening.

How is it that we have come to a situation, in Britain, whereby it is deemed unacceptable for someone to be offensive, on one solitary occasion, in their arrogantly expressed, unjustified sense of superiority towards a smig; but, it is considered perfectly O.K. for an advert, in which a 'man' is offensive in his arrogantly expressed, unjustified sense of superiority towards all other human beings, to be broadcast many thousands of times on the radio?

Are not the sensibilities of all decent, intelligent human beings equally deserving of respect, whether or not they are considered to be part of any particular minority group?