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Kodachrome Slides Experiment

Clark Gable


William Clark Gable born on February 1st.


Clark Gable was cast in a leading role in a David Belasco-produced play 'Blind Window'. During rehearsals in New York, he underwent an experience that took three days out of his life, making a great impression upon him. [Dana Howard=DH]

'Gable had landed in strange territory, not even counting the play itself... Blind Window did five days at Ford's Theater, Baltimore, and then a full week at the Broad Street Theater, Philadelphia, before shuttering on December 14...' [Warren G. Harris CLARK GABLE: A Biography=WH]


Clark Gable married Carole Lombard on March 29th, in Kingman, Arizona.

World premiere of 'Gone With The Wind' took place on December 15th, in Atlanta, Georgia. The film starring Clark Gable; Vivien Leigh; Leslie Howard, and Olivia de Havilland ' regarded as one of the greatest films of all time..' and 'when adjusted for monetary inflation.. is still the most successful film in box-office history.' [Wikipedia]


Death of Carole Lombard, on January 16th. She had been aboard a TWA flight that crashed into Potosi Mountain, southwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. The crash was preceded by sightings of unexplained aerial lights in the nearby area. [FBI Carole Lombard File]

On August 12th, '..the King of Hollywood became Private Clark Gable in an induction ceremony at the Federal building in downtown Los Angeles. MGM and the War Department conspired to make it a front-page event, with more than a hundred reporters, photographers, and newsreel cameramen covering.' [WH]


In June, Clark Gable was photographed at the U.S. Open Golf Championships, Riviera Country Club, Pacific Palisades, California. By this time, he had already been a keen golfer for more than 20 years. [Adam Dew=AD   


In February, '..Gable's producer-friend Z. Wayne Griffin.. persuaded him to attend a huge rally being held at Madison Square Garden in New York to "draft" General Dwight D. Eisenhower into running for President in the November election. Gable had never before endorsed any political candidate, but he revered Eisenhower and had met him several times during his air force service...' [WH]


In November, Clark Gable was admitted to Presbyterian Hospital, Hollywood and diagnosed there as having suffered 'severe coronary thrombosis'. President Eisenhower sent him a telegram reading: 'Be a good boy, Clark, and do as the doctors tell you to do. With my best wishes, Ike':

'On November 16, the tenth day of his confinement, Gable's doctors predicted that he would soon be off the danger list. That night.. Gable suffered another heart attack while reading a magazine. His nurse summoned help, but it was too late. He died instantly..' [WH]


On February 1st, 'The Misfits' - the last film in which Clark Gable acted - was released. Others who starred in this film, directed by John Huston, were Marilyn Monroe; Montgomery Clift; Thelma Ritter, and Eli Wallach. 

The August issue of Fate magazine contained a four-page article by Dana Howard, entitled 'Clark Gable's Mystic Journey'. Ms. Howard revealed therein that, as a staff member of Ullman Publications, when covering the court trial, in New York '..where Mr. Gable was accused of fathering an illegitimate child..' she met up with him in his dressing room at MGM studio.

Clark Gable, then, reportedly told Dana Howard about a profound experience - he called it "three-day amnesia" - that had happened to him during the weeks he was in rehearsals for 'Blind Window' (1929, although the article states 'around 1932')...

'The most outstanding quotation I remember from what Clark Gable said is: "There in that place where there was neither money nor the things we strive for, I felt a sense of peace and happiness approaching the supernatural. That strange interlude influenced me beyond anything I have ever experienced. In that three days I lost out of my life I found myself". [CG/DH]

Over the night of September 19th-20th, the UFO encounter of Barney and Betty Hill occurred, while they were driving through the state of New Hampshire, U.S.A.

The experience they shared was determined to have involved missing time (amnesia). Accounts of alien contact from both of them were then exposed, under hypnosis.


On August 29th, Jack El-Hai published his 'notes on the FBI's file on the movie actress Carole Lombard.. owing to a mysterious airplane accident...' [J E-H]

The blog post stated that: 'Most of Lombard's file.. concerns the investigation of the plane crash that killed her and the FBI's attempts to determine whether sabotage caused the accident...'

Among the revelations detailed in the file and on Jack El-Hai's blog: '..UFOs, reported by several eye-witnesses, that may have played a role in the crash...'


On August 31st, 'FIREBALL: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3' by Robert Matzen was published.

On October 4th, 'Yours Truly - In Carole Lombard's "UFO" Lost Valley of Death' was published on 'Kyle J. Wood's Paranormal Encounters'. The article made reference to and speculated about 'the "peculiar lights in the sky" that were noted in regards to the crash of Lombard's flight...' [KJW]

On October 17th, further cogitations appeared on Robert Matzen's blog regarding the unexplained aerial lights associated with the Carole Lombard plane crash:

'..As I mentioned to a reporter in Fort Wayne, I have now finally accessed the FBI files on the plane crash and, I kid you not, UFOs were seen in the Flight 3 airway on nights leading up to January 16. No seriously, UFOs. Many people logically dismiss UFOs as Cold War paranoia, but we're talking sightings of odd lights in the sky before the era of Roswell and the "flying saucer" by eyewitnesses that include a Civil Aeronautics Authority man...' [RM]


On February 4th, 'Kodachrome - A Documentary - Official Trailer' was posted on YouTube:

'In 1998 a box of slides was discovered near Sedona, AZ. Two of the slides show a very unusual body in a glass case. This is what we know so far.' [AD - video description]

"Several months ago, I was given a box of 400 colour Kodachrome slides that appear to have been taken over a ten year period, starting in the mid-1940s. Two of the slides show what appears to be a small thin body, with a large head in a glass case.

All of the photos are part of a collection that belonged at one point to Hilda Blair Ray and her husband, Bernard.

There aren't many people still alive who knew Hilda and Bernard; but I have been able to piece a few things together. The Rays had no children. They travelled extensively from their home in Midland, Texas, where Hilda was an attorney and an amateur pilot and Bernard a geologist working in the oil industry. In 1946, Bernard was the President of the West Texas Geological Society.

Mixed in with dozens of vacation shots, are several unique colour photos from the 1948 National Air Races, in Cleveland, Ohio, and the 1948 U.S. Open Golf Tournament, in Los Angeles. They captured rare colour shots of Sam Snead, and even Bing Crosby, and Clark Gable. There are also stunning close-up shots of then General Eisenhower on a victory whistle stop tour, following World War II..." [AD, narrator - partial transcript of video trailer]

On May 5th, Jaime Maussan presented the beWITNESS event at the National Auditorium, Mexico City. The two slides of the (possible) alien being were revealed and the odd character of the body analysed at some length by relevant specialists. Participants from the U.S.A. included Tom Carey; Donald Schmitt; Richard Dolan, and Dr. Edgar Mitchell.


The book '3 PRESIDENTS, 2 ACCIDENTS: More MO41 UFO Crash Data and Surprises' by Paul Blake Smith was published on October 7th.

Section III covers 'Carole Lombard's Flight From Hell'.. at the outset, suggesting the possibility of the fatal plane crash being somehow linked to a Missouri 1941 UFO crash (MO41), which the author has extensively investigated:

'Did MO41 events have something to do with the sudden death of superstar movie actress Carole Lombard in a 1942 plane crash? Maybe not. In fact, such a suggestion at first seems ridiculous, but based upon further review, the similarities and synchronicities in the two stories seems astonishing...' [PBS, chapter 9]

Paul Blake Smith (among much else of interest) makes reference to the Ray-Kodachrome slides enigma:

'..Still another report, from 2015, declared that some photographic.. slides were recently found in Arizona showing small dead alien bodies from a crashed starship. The still-tightly-controlled 1940s' Kodachrome snapshots were apparently taken and developed by a desert southwest geologist named Bernard A. Ray, discovered in a box in his Sedona home's attic. Other subjects within this startling photo collection - apparently shown separately - include future President Dwight Eisenhower and actor Clark Gable!' [PBS, chapter 10]