Saturday, October 09, 2010

George Adamski : Three Quotes 1950-1951

'..You see my dear friend, I am 100% for the truth and therefore the many chaffs must be cast away before the heart of the kernel can be found. One thing to remember, there could never be a counterfeit without the real being first...'

---Letter to Emma Martinelli, March 13, 1950---

'..Yes, we are in a transitional period and some of it might not be too pleasing to some, but to those who understand, it will be pleasing. The veil between us and the universe is gradually being pushed apart and those of us who have patience as well as vision will witness things which were undreamt of at one time...'

---Letter to Emma Martinelli, November 24, 1951---

'..When I say minds of infancy I mean just that because the average mind today is less than 6 months old, although it may be within a physical body 60 years of age. Let me explain how I obtain such a figure: the average person sleeps 8 hours, works 8 hours in the business field where he has no opportunity to think of or for himself, leaving 8 hours for himself. Of these 8, he will use 4 definitely going and coming to work, dressing and meals. He has 4 hours left in which he may pick up a paper or book and read someone else's thoughts, or seek entertainment of one kind or another. Should he sit down for 15 minutes wherein he does his own original thinking without influence from anyone else, he is doing very well; but it is this kind of thinking that actually develops his own individuality and his own mind. Now if you take that 15 minutes of each 24 hours over the course of 60 years of physical life, his mind is but a babe's while his body is of age. So, I believe he is doing a pretty fair job with his little development. Of course, the more matter is being used, the more sensitive it becomes, or endowed with consciousness of perception...'

---Letter to Emma Martinelli, November 24, 1951---